Caveat emptor: Davison Inventegration will just take your money

I’d forgotten about my bad experience with these people until they sent me some spam a couple of weeks ago. To return the favor, I’m going to tell you what I know of them, and believe me, it’s not pretty…

These days, they’ve got a new domain ( which acts as a forward to their old domain ( They’re billing themselves as the inventor’s helper, and say they can “get your idea to market”. They’re still brandishing their “Inventegration” process, and they’re still puffing up their feathers about their proven experience of getting products to market. Check out the products they have gotten to market, and you be the judge of whether you’d call that experience. I have to chuckle at their marketing language: “Davison is fast becoming the industry leader when it comes to preparing and presenting new product ideas to corporations for possible licensing.” Compared to whom? By the way, surf the site to find out more about this Davison fellow, but you won’t find his full name or photograph anywhere. Does that begin to tell you something?

I’ll let you discover their website and judge it by yourselves. Let me not waste time and tell you about my experience. In ’03, I had an idea for a new faucet and fell for one of their spam emails. I contacted them, got their information package, and, not knowing any better, decided to go ahead and try to use them. The first step was their “confidential and professional” evaluation of my idea’s marketability – in other words, they would let me know whether my idea was worth pursuing. Hey, sounds good, right? I decided to go forward. In a couple of days, they contacted me and told me in no uncertain terms that they thought my idea was wonderful, and that they’d love to help me sell it to companies. I notice now they’ve gotten away from that nowadays. On their site, they say: “Davison does not perform analysis of the potential feasibility, marketability, patentability or profitability of ideas submitted to it.” But they WERE doing this when I dealt with them. So I guess they discovered it got them into too much hot water and decided it wasn’t worth it…

After telling me how good my idea was, the fellow with whom I dealt, possibly Davison himself, proceeded to give me the hard sell. They wouldn’t go ahead without a professional market study. After all, how could they gauge my idea’s marketability without one? No matter that they had just performed a professional analysis of my idea, a market study was still needed before we got to the good part, where they prepared my idea and marketed it to companies through their “exclusive contacts”. The cost, you ask? Oh, a mere $800, or a little less than that. For me, since I was cash strapped at the time, Davison would be able to take $100 off. What a nice guy, right? So I waited, and waited, and waited, after putting the bill on my credit card, and finally got my “professional market study”. I still have it, as a memento of my foolishness. It’s a bunch of web pages, printed out and stuck in a cheap binder, some from retail websites, and some from the US Patent Office database, where did a simple query on faucets. Basically, it’s all stuff marginally related to my idea, that they searched hastily and printed out. I could have done this myself in about 1-2 hours, but I ended up paying about $700 for it instead, because my powers of judgment must have been sleeping then.

So I figured okay, this sucks, but let me see what the next step is. I called them – they didn’t call me anymore this time. Davison probably figured that if I’m moronic enough to want to go forward after that botched up job they called a market study, then I deserve to lose my money… So I called him, and asked him how we’d proceed. I expressed my disappointment with the “market study”, and he said, nonchalantly, that that’s how they’re done… Ahem… Then he said all the preliminary steps were done, and and all we’d need to go forward with right now was the preparation of my product, and that he had the facilities to help me with that. I asked, what about presenting my idea to companies? No such thing yet, he said. We don’t want to risk rejection of your idea. First we need to prepare a model of your idea, so they have something in front of them. I knew I shouldn’t ask, but I did anyway… How much would it cost? Only $10,000-12,000, he said. (!)

It was then I realized I’d been strung along and pumped for cash, because I’d been a fool. But I figured, hey, let me do my homework, right? So I told him I needed to think about it, and I hung up the phone. Then I did my homework, which I should have done months before, and learned my lesson the hard way. Davison is part of a group of many inventor helper companies that have sprung up recently, that will pump naive inventors like me for money. The fools that we are, we believe they’re really interested in helping us, when all they care about is getting our money to supposedly “package our product for the market”. Their fees are ridiculous, and they don’t care if our ideas are good or not, but we fall for it, because we don’t know any better. If you don’t believe, do a search on the internet for “davison inventegration” or “davison idea” and see what you’ll find. Here is a sample of what’s there. Even the FTC has a published brief that was filed against these crooks, for “deceptive practices”.

I was a gentleman with him back then. I called him a couple of days later, and told him I was disappointed with the so called market study, and that I wouldn’t go forward with their “inventegration” process. This whole dirty matter would have stayed safely in my past if they hadn’t spammed me. Well, if they’re so thoughtless that they won’t let sleeping dogs lie, I hope this teaches them a lesson, and it teaches you, the reader with an idea, NOT to use them.

Updated 5/26/10: The FTC has gotten involved with Davison, due to all the claims people have filed against them, and Davison has settled and mailed checks to the people whose money they took under false pretenses. I received two letters (with checks enclosed), one in 2009, and one in 2010, mentioning the FTC lawsuit settlements. I’m posting them below for you. If you didn’t receive a settlement check and you’ve lost a lot of money with Davison, my advice to you is that you look into your legal options — talk with a trustworthy, knowledgeable lawyer and see what’s to be done.


168 thoughts on “Caveat emptor: Davison Inventegration will just take your money

  1. Thanks for the scoop. Spoke with someone today about my idea but knew I should really research this company before sending a penny. Is there anyone out there you can trust with an invention idea? If there is I would like to know.





  3. Bets says:

    Hello, I am new here at Raoul’s website. I have been gorging myself on every post which is very enlitening about Davisons reputation.
    Raoul, I read your entry Blog and was overwhelmed at first what had happened in your situation dealing with Davisons. I am sorry for
    the harsh awakening. I kept scrolling and reading all the comments and stories were the same, line after line. How can my story with
    Davisons be any different? I submitted ideas, signed papers, received my notebook, sent in the initial fees attached for the privledge
    being able to do so, but then it got quiet around here after I ran out of money. I was in a dry season with money and I knew it would be
    a couple years before I’d be able to pick up where I left off with Davisons. That would entail having to pay out more for building my
    proto-types, etc. They already had done a finders search for placement of my products. They said 11 companies were interested.
    That sounded thrilling to me. Well, here I am with a little money and a little more coming in and what better time, (I thought), than now
    to continue business as usual with them.
    Sometime after 2006, 2007, I found solitude in the idea of going to them for all my needs in promoting and marketing my new products
    I’ve designed. It was a thrill watching everythig unfold until one day I called them after receiving an email from someone. At the time,
    I told that person I was not ready to submit another payment then. I asked about the amount needed. I’ve forgot what they said it was,
    however it was several more $…. hundreds I assure you.

    Kniowing my monetary position, I was almost willing to pay out more. Something spoke to my inner being about it. I guess I was
    having a little talk with Jesus about it, so from then on I persued looking into this potential money making thing with my heart. I
    realized I could go into a ‘dove-spin’ if not careful. i was afraid I’d be broke month after month making payments not to mention
    the proto-type may not turn out real good. With questions aloof, I set out to do some queries about Davisons thru a search engine.
    Moreover, I set out to find any negatives about them after the fact of leaning on them in prior years.
    Now visiting your website Raoul, my chin has dropped, my heart is flipped, my head is spinning, and my soul is starting to see things
    differently through my mind’s eye. I have captured the details now and there is much to see about their business tactics.
    Maybe I can recoup my monies spent after what is now seemingly after the bad. I have decided not to go thru with my plans.
    That little spiritual guidance from above was all it took for me to say ‘no’ ~ now and forever!
    I am convinced I would have been digging myself right into a hole with Davisons while they are stashing it all up. If they are using
    other people’s ideas after being trusted, then they are not only ‘stealing’ money but they are also belittling themselves to a mole.
    It is ‘cheap’ for a trust to go low to the dirt upon using other peoples’ ideas as well as pocketing the poor soul’s hard earned cash.

    I have saved several websites mentioned and several sources herein, that would be good in helping to recoup my money and to
    go forward with producing and marketing my ideas by anouther avenue. I was very surprised at seeing this up on the internet and
    very thankful I was led in the right direction. Again, I am sorry everyone has experienced losses in every way and they know what
    and how. Again, I am out too now. Thnx to this page of insight, it sure has helped me to see the light.

    Good luck everyone who are still waiting for everything to work out; I for one who wants to recoup every dime! I have already called
    FTC and left a late night messasge. I hope to hear from them in the morning. I’m ready to do battle if I have to.
    Thank you for saving me from Davisons hand of destruction!!


  4. Nena says:

    Wow! Saved my ass reading this! Was literally moments away from heading to town to get these people my “initiation fee” and thought hmmm, I haven’t done research in the guy I’ve been talking to, John D’Alessio, and came across this article. This sucks, really thought I had something goin here. Thanks for the heads up!


    • diane laplante says:

      December 20th 2012

      It will be eight years ago in April, that my life and the lives of my five precious children, turned upside down in the worst possible ways imaginable. That day, april the tenth 2005. I lost my children, my home, my community, my church, my dignity, my freedom, my livelihood, everything. Without going into painful details, I was in a situation that only money could fix. I was returned to my country of birth, Canada, after thirty years of absence, not a penny in my pocket, nobody to help me. It was to say the least, an excruciating experience that I do not wish on anybody. After turning to every single associations under the sky, I understood that only I could find a solution to be reunited with my beautiful children, I needed a plan and fast.

      After almost a years of crying and experiencing deep depression and sorrows, I wiped my eyes and went to work. Years prior , I had a genius idea that every household under the sun, would appreciate and need. It was a simple and very ingenious little idea. After many hours of praying and searching the Net, I found them, Davison Integration.

      I contacted them, and spoke with a very professional representative of the company. He explained to me in a very details and comprehensive way the role of this particular company. He let me know that they would need 60 dollars to research my idea, to make sure that I would not be waisting my money and time pursuing an idea already patented or created. That is what sold me with this very crafty company. Very well done indeed. I am in no way, an easily persuaded kind of woman. I am actually pretty skeptical, I thought.

      At that particular time, the hardships of my life had taken a devastating tole on my money situation. I had to turned to my poor children, all the way in the US Virgin Island, to supply the 60 dollars needed to continue on this very important venture. Hanging on to the glimpse of hope, they emptied their pockets and piggy banks to supply me with the 60 dollars that could save our lives.

      I do not want to get in the details of this rip off Company tactics, simply because , I do not want the heartless, money hungry predators of the internet world, using this wicked information against another honest , desperate soul out there.

      It has been a relationship of over six years with that company and an approximate 15,000. investment that prompted me to write about my experience with them. They are very tricky with their legal mumbo jumbo, even though I consider myself a very intelligent, resourceful woman, they convinced me after many instances when I was ready to quit them and expose them, to continue on my dream. Every time that I wanted to speak to a higher supervisor of the Company, it was impossible. Things finally came to a screeching halt a couple of months ago. I decided that I would try to sell my idea as well on my side. I contacted Davison and ask them to ship my invention so that I could make a proper video of the actual prototype and also see with my own eyes how it really worked. The reaction of Miss Autumn Luwneski, my representative at Davison, made me extremely nervous to say the least. She was extremely reluctant to send me the actual invention. She was desperately trying to convince me not to do this. I even felt kind of bad and reassured her that I would not rip them off by selling the idea myself, and that after the professional video, I would send the invention back to them, so that we could both benefit from such a creative idea. I told my husband and my partner in this business venture, that I had already a very, very bad feeling that we have been ripped off . She sent me a contract via e-mail of two options, having the invention sent as is or having the crew check it and repair it if necessary, duhhhh, I took the second option. Another very genius trick of Davison. It gave me the feeling that they were legit and honest one more time. After almost one month of waiting, the invention got here. My heart was pounding, I was so very excited to finally see my 15,000 dollars investment. After examining and trying the prototype, I started crying and screaming, indeed I had been had. The invention did not work, it was a flimsy little two electric wired that did absolutely nothing, attach to a store bought item, which they tried their best to conceal by sanding down the name of the company. After my son examined the prototype and researched it online, we found out that it was a store bought item of a whopping 20 dollars.

      The real tragedy here is that these people after many complaints of taking honest, hard working people money through the years, still have the ok and the right to operate. I tell you, the real criminal are not necessarily behind bars. They will argue that the client is difficult and not patient enough, I was, for the last six years with them. I was polite, I even apologize when I got skeptical at time.

      The naked truth is that I am still away from my children, I could of used this money in legal representation, which I do not have much faith in anymore since I also got ripped off in that department. What gives the right to this company to steal my money and string me along for the last six years. They stoled from an entire little american family that was desperate to be reunited. To top it off, I involved this precious young lady, that has been working in a deplorable kitchen of restaurant the last thirteen years from 6 am to 3 pm Hard, hard money they stole. They took our money. If anybody would come in my house and steal 15,000. they would be in jail. If any employer would refuse to pay me 15,000 dollars of wages, they would be pursued by the law, why is Davison still invited to morning shows, radio shows, ect…

      How long before somebody punishes these crooks. They were the nicest people to me, until I asked them why they rip me off like that. They would argue that it is my fault for not pursuing. I gave them the benefit of the doubt for six years, I cooperated with them at every single requests. Some people reading this will argue that it was my fault for believing their lies. It is the same phenomena than when somebody abuses you, they blame you for taking the abuses, instead of punishing and correcting the abuser. I believe in Davison, every time people tried to make me doubt them, I defended them.

      I Know for a fact though that if the justice system fail to protect and avenge us, the poor people just tying to feed our family, Karma and God won’t

      Diane Laplante
      Scented Fan


  5. Laura Greer says:

    We went through this process with Davison and ‘inventigration’, losing over $8,000 between 2004 and 2007. We were too naive to do anything at the time. Raoul, had you registered a FTC Complaint in order to receive the checks? I called the telephone number the FTC listed and it was a dead end. There was a recording to call their main number, and the lady I spoke with said that the settlement checks had been mailed (we didn’t receive anything) and she took my complaint in case there is a future FTC lawsuit. Do I contact a patent attorney to go after these jokers? They took my husband’s idea and turned it into something completely different and now he has heard of a very similar invention like his original idea that is now out there. So frustrating.


    • No, I didn’t file a complaint. And the settlement checks didn’t cover the $700 I spent with them. Unless you have an open and shut case against them, don’t bother with a patent attorney, you’ll only end up spending more money. Forget them and move on to profitable things. They’ll get EVERYTHING that they deserve and more. That’s what happens to crooks like them in the end.


      • Nena says:

        If I signed the agreement but now I’ve found out this company is a scam & haven’t given them money, do they have any way to hold me to any obligation because I signed agreement?


  6. Kristy says:

    Has anyone had any success with Lambert & Lambert Inc. to know that they are 100% legit? Before I pursue someone else I want to make sure I do not make the same mistake that I almost did with Davison. Also, can you delete my first comment because I put my email address in the place of my name. Sorry! Thank you so much for this information!


    • martin says:

      I tried lambert and lambert they give you a percentage out of 100 on your idea $700 Australian I got 96 and a sorry good bye there no good


  7. says:

    Has anyone had any success with Lambert & Lambert Inc. to know that they are 100% legit? Before I pursue someone else I want to make sure I do not make the same mistake that I almost did with Davison.


  8. Jeremy Watkins says:

    Hey Raoul,

    I am glad I have found your site and I am glad you send the word out that the Davison corporation are a scam because I have been ripped off by them back in 2007 where I went through their entire submission process like exactly how you described it. And speaking of which, I was also involved in a class action lawsuit with the Davison Corporation and got money back for being defrauded. Now I know better. I discovered now that the best way to submit your invention safely is to do it through companies that work on a contingency basis and right now I already have success right now with one company I am dealing with right now. I only wished I have discovered your site a long time ago instead of going through the mental anguish and aggravation of being scammed. God bless you and hopefully you have found a legitimate company that works on a contingency fee basis.

    Jeremy Watkins


    • Kristy says:

      Jeremy, would you be willing to name the company you used successfully? Every company I research has mixed reviews so I have no clue where to turn.

      Thanks! 🙂


  9. Dawid says:

    THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! I’ve almost been caught by davison today. Even the amounts is still the same!!! South African Greetings!!!!!!


  10. maurice and joan says:

    Davison took 20700.00 from my sister and i and we dont know where to turn


  11. anotheronescrewedbydavison says:

    I was dealing with Davison over the last 2 months. I was told the same as all of the postings. They took my first 700 dollars, tried to get me to start paying in much more. The pre- check they do for the 700 dollars you can do yourself for free by googling. Then they tell me they have a corporation that is willing to look at the idea to create it. Of course you have to then send more money for that to happen, I emailed the person I was dealing with and stated that I cannot give them anymore money until I have a definite answer. FUNNY- I haven’t heard from him since.
    DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS COMPANY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. Bill from Aus says:

    Thank you all so much from myself in Australia,I had a few years ago been dupt by someone here in Aus, of $5,000 yet when I had seen Davidsons site I thought it to be to good only to do a search after a little Prayer to Christ Jesus, and well well, Thanks God! and thank you to you all! Yet I hope that this company will one day be held to account and pay that which they have Stolen.

    God Bless.


  13. SIL says:



  14. I’m very disappointed in the corruption in business and my heart goes out to all the enthusiastic inventors who were promised pleasure and delivered pain.

    I make no judgments about Davidson. However I am interested if anyone knows when he “coined” (or borrowed) the term Inventegration? I was, I thought the originator and similar intellectual property can surface concurrently, so I will be changing to INVENTEGRATIONAL. I did not care for …ration [InventegRATION] and prefer to avoid two negative connotations related to “Inventegration”.

    First I am at the opposite end of business ethics and wouldn’t the brand value proposition be associated with the Davidson and one of the following: Fake, Faux, or Repro have the possibility to taint my ability to license and sell my patents. [Google > Google Patents > Stephen R. Welch > 1983 – 2010 and going].

    Second, there is a big difference between Ration [ implying lack of as in gas rationing] and rational – implying soundness of mind. (check me out)
    ra•tion•al   /ˈræʃənl, ˈræʃnl/ Show Spelled[rash-uh-nl, rash-nl] Show IPA
    1. agreeable to reason; reasonable; sensible: a rational plan for economic development.
    2. having or exercising reason, sound judgment, or good sense: a calm and rational negotiator.
    3. being in or characterized by full possession of one’s reason; sane; lucid: The patient appeared perfectly rational.
    4. endowed with the faculty of reason: rational beings.
    5. of, pertaining to, or constituting reasoning powers: the rational faculty.
    6. proceeding or derived from reason or based on reasoning: a rational explanation.
    7. Mathematics .
    a. capable of being expressed exactly by a ratio of two integers.
    b. (of a function) capable of being expressed exactly by a ratio of two polynomials.
    8. Classical Prosody . capable of measurement in terms of the metrical unit or mora.

    Apparently from reading the very disheartening testimonies above “irrational” seems to be the “thought for the day” and I may have been known as absent minded professor but not a mad scientist cooking the books.

    Rational – Commonly Confused with
    Reasonable. I like that. ( advise should be free – good judgment comes from poor judgment.) Mistakes are tuition to (your last name) University, OK?
    I have built over 200 corporations on “Service then reward, not reward then service.”
    Do not go with anyone who wants money first or advertises on keywords used in the source or “scrapers” because too many of my clients have been violated or left scraped (and the sc was dropped from their description of how they felt emotionally).

    If someone is really hurting I will show you how to get some traction and I can’t devote months to anyone, however I will help you make good decisions and exercise good judgment and tell you “I do not know” or call “XYZ” if I think I am inadequate.

    I will be happy to send my Customer Capital, BIO, patents, trade secrete categories and I do have extensive patent search experience, trade shows myself, medical background at The University of Chicago, CEO, President and CIO for many fortune 500 companies.

    Never give up because one person burned you. Fall forward. I have been burnt like toast negotiating the sale of patents (mine) and lost seven figures. Finally, I hired (not on purpose, fait) a legitimate negotiating coach, ex-patent examiner, Professor at Loyola Law School Patent Law [bingo…just retired] by the grace of God. He has since retired altogether and lives in the same building as Oprah Winfrey in Chicago where I reside in the western suburbs. This man has squeaky clean ethics and the two rules never to break are honesty and integrity.

    Please put “invent in the subject line or help” and it will hit my inbox. Then I would rather call you to keep from being chained to the computer.

    Do not lose heart. You hit a bump in the road. Try to get your mind off the negative and I encourage you to transform or renew your mind and show the world that you are extraordinary.

    To God is the Glory for the opportunities ahead.

    Warm regards,

    Stephen R. Welch
    American, Scientist, Inventor, Leader, Change Agent, Servant and perhaps someday friend.
    “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”


  15. Kimberly Sanderson says:


    Here is my story:

    I hired Davison who is an inventor promotional firm to help me bring my idea from conception to market. I have paid excess of $9000 in July 2009 and was last contacted by my representative Michael Grando in March 2010. At that time, I was told my actual product sample had been manufactured and was in QA and I would have a provisional patent application within 2 weeks. I never heard back from Grando and began calling leaving voicemails and sending emails. Finally I spoke to the receptionist who advised Grando was on medical leave and Gary Humes was handling my design. I began leaving Humes numerous voicemails and have also left voicemails with the Vice President and still have not received a response regarding my inquiries on my product.

    Since my concerns, I have learned Davison had been sued by the FTC for practices that are still being used today in which I am a victim of. For example, I was told they had great contacts with companies, more specifically, Cuisinart with which they would be presenting my design to. I am learning that they do not have solid standing here. When I told them I had another company in mind I was told that they were the experts in this area and had done all of the preliminary research to target this company. I even asked who their contact with Cuisinart was and was told that it was a confidentiality matter and could not be shared with me. I was also told that very few people’s ideas were accepted by Davison as they were selective on the applicants received but mine was being accepted for further development. Needless to say, I feel like a big fool for not finding all of this information sooner.

    Join this group if you have been a victim of Davison so a class action lawsuit can begin:


  16. Kay says:

    I stumbled across your web site while doing a little Davison investigating. I am embarrassed to say, that I too, am a victim of these unscrupulous bastards! In 2007, after a recent divorce, I used $24,000 of my settlement and submitted not one, but two of my inventions to a David Coberly @ Davison Inventegration. He was so smooth and we became really good friends throughout the whole process. I feel like such an idiot looking back, I took it hook, line and sinker. While waiting on my “wonderful inventions” to hit the store shelves”, I received a check for $800 in the mail. The letter attached explained that this was my percentage of a huge class action suite that had been brought against Davison Inventegration for defrauding it’s clients. A year later, I received another $400 with a letter saying that this would be the final distribution of payment in the Davison class action settlement. So, I got pennies back on my $24,000 investment. The reason I am now doing some private investigating on my own, is because, the other day I was standing in line at a local chain store and low and behold, there was one of my inventions, name and all with a few minor changes. I don’t want to mention the product or name of course, because I might have some very small chance of suing them for stealing and selling my idea. The invention and the name are just to unique for this to be a coincidence.
    Any suggestions anyone?
    PS: I am a visionary and a very trusting person, to all of you other creative people out there, please be very careful who you share your secrets with and who you give your money to. We want so badly to believe in our dreams that sometimes we let our dreams get in the way of reality.


  17. Gregor says:

    Visit the National Inventor Fraud Center ( where a “good guys” list has been compiled (I think Lambert & Lambert is the only one that works on commission).


  18. gem says:

    I read a post from Jan 2008 regarding reputable companies to take ideas. Is this list still up to date? What other companies have solid reputations, as well as, successful track records? I would appreciate some guidance! thanks.


  19. i have a wonderfull idea and i shared it with davison now am sorry i did but am not worried the second it comes on the market i will be able to get every dime that its worth so if the think that they scham me davison has a next law suit comming at them i am glad i got the chance to stop before i spend any money thank you in advance or is their any company that is willing to hear my idear for free


  20. Toni says:

    Thanks bunches for all this information and the posts from the people that “got took”. I am sorry that happened, but glad you all wrote comments on this website to help others not fall for their &*^%. I had emailed an idea, got a call from Wally to ask for the $795.00 start up costs. I told him I had to think about it, couldn’t make a decision on the spot. I have a new email from him asking for the money to get started. Thank you all for your input! Now I KNOW I won’t be dealing with them at all. I will try the Inventors Assistance League International. Thanks again, I could fill this whole box up with just say thanks. You all have saved me money I can’t afford to to spend on a scam.


  21. loulou says:

    Hi raoulpop could you advise me how i can get a comment taken off your web page please


    • You must be the one who left me a voicemail earlier today… I don’t usually remove comments once they’re posted. But, you can email me and tell me exactly which comment is yours, and I’ll see what I can do. If I were you, I wouldn’t believe the crooks at Davison for a minute if they promised you they’d refund your money once you got rid of your comment. But hey, that’s your call to make.


  22. Lemarcus says:

    I’ve been dealing with them for about a year now, and I am more than willing a ready to go through with a law suit


  23. Ryan L says:

    Has there been any update on the class action lawsuit? My idea was years ago, i “thought” i signed an agreement with them to not use my idea and also an application for registration with the patent office but from wat i have read it probably wasnt so i might be out of a chance for getting money back but will sure as hell sign a petition for a lawsuit!


  24. Jack Wise says:

    It’s been about four years and I lost 32,000.00.don’t let them take your money from you.We work to hard for it and then people like them rip us off!!I’m still working with them as of Febuary was my last 335.00 to redesign for a new comp.then I get a check from a law suit.That woke me up!!!!Good ideal that Joe wants 50/60 people to sign to complaint.I tried to e-mail them today and they took me out of their system.May God be with us!!!!!!!


  25. Sue Thomas says:

    I, also, was taken in by Davison and their wonderful website and promises. Thankfully, the day after they sent me the contracts to sign, I went online and checked into them before sending them the $565. (Originally $600+)
    Thanks to Raoul’s website, I just in time, called the FTC telephone number and got the real scoop on this dispictable company.


  26. Rauol,

    Thanks so much, for the information. I had an idea I wanted to send to them for consideration of marketing. Because of your posting that will not happen.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

    I will look somewhere else for a company to market my product. I was about to research them when I happened across your web posting and you do not know the trouble you have save me from, well I guess you do, I wish you the best of luck in the future with finding someone with a solid reputation and wish you the best of success.


    J. Newton


  27. Debbie Gilman says:

    I have been involved with Davison since early 2007. I have sent in thousands of dollars, they have “supposedly” contacted only three (3) manufacturing companies about my invention. Each time we submit to a new company I have to send in $335.00 to “re-condition” the sample & package. I wish I had checked into Davision before I ever sent in any money.

    I would like more info on filing a class action suit……they have robbed me of thousands of dollars!!!!!!!


  28. HOLLIE W says:



    • kay says:

      As i mentioned in my earlier post today, I received a total of $1,200 over a period of a year. One check for $800 and one for $400. I had no idea that a class action suit had been filed. I was in the process of waiting on my inventions to be shopped around to different retail stores. By accepting the checks, am I still able to participate in any other legal actions like the one you mentioned? Please let me know. Thank you!


  29. Candy Whittington says:

    I would like to know if the person below is still trying to get enough people together for a class action lawsuit against Davison. On account of, my parents would like to join in on the lawsuit. Please email me back at, so that I can give you my parents home number and that they can tell you about their experiences.

    “Joe wrote:

    We have contacted an attorney and in order to present a class action law suit we need people to come forward and we need to gather up 50 – 60 people with similar complaints for the attorney to take the case. If you would like to participate in
    this pool please email: Thanks
    Comment — May 1, 2008 @ 10:13″


  30. Stacey Barlow says:

    Just as I was reading your rersponses, the company called me saying that I will be rerceiving my portfolio soon and to contact them when I receive it. I have been dealing with them for a year and two months now. I am all for a class action suit. Like a few others, I’d like to get my product out as well. Back in December they offered me a discount but I was unable to accept that offer and then about a week later the representative called and was a bit harsh. Things came up when I thought I was going to be able to pay the amount (which should have told me something. Did any of you change your personal information (i.e. number, credit card, email) Because they have this information


  31. Justin says:

    Why hadnt I reviewed them sooner.Im dealing with a director called Robin Freeman(who knows if thats her real name).I have payed my$685 which I thought was a once off.
    Ive been sent my portfolio now straight after a family death and a lot of financial strain the want a further $6000.
    But they are so nice that they are willing to let me pay it off after an initial $1000.How many more cash strapped people must get caught out by these crooks?
    If there is a lawsuit pending against I would like to be part of it.
    Thank you very much to the initiator of this site.I have just saved a further $6000.


  32. I almost got taken in by the niceness of the rep. I talked to over the phone. But thanks to looking for such information regarding this company. I will not be taken for a fool.


  33. Gary says:


    Please, please spare yourself the agony of dealing with these morons. I dealt with them for two years and might as well have taken $15,000.00 and burned it. It was a total waste. All I got was to behold pure incompetence, greed, and deception all rolled into one ugly organization. These people are scum of the earth and I tell you that roaches and slugs are better than these morons.
    I don’t know where to tell you to look. I decided to find a manufacturer who would work with me. Together we are developing a revised prototype which they have agreed to manufacture for me. I will market my productt myself.
    This is the direction I should have gone in the first place.
    I know you want to be successful and I hope you are but please stay away from Davison. Even if they are sincere, they are extremely incompetent. The prototype they developed for me was not what I wanted at all. It was the worst that I could have expected in every way including design and quality. They also deceived me by telling me they made a second prototype because I rejected the first one. In actuality, they never made a second one. they only created drawings to make me think they did.
    I went through more trouble in two years with these people than I ever could have imagined. I even drove a 1000 mile round trip to see the second prototye only to be stood up. The reason being, there never was a second prototype. The lied through their teeth.
    It is hard to imagine such depravity even existing in our fellow human beings. They want your money and they want as much of it as they can get. Take my advise. RUN!



  34. Dave B says:

    Hi, Pam. Back in ’04 when a friend of mine and I went in together to get our invention into the market, the representative could (did) not give us much info at all. Because of the legal trouble they have gotten into since, they are required to disclose how much money they make from royalties vs. how much they make on fees from us. Go ahead and ask. You’ll see they’ve made almost nothing from royalties, but a ton from the fees they’ve duped us into paying. If they’ve made nothing from royalties, that means none of us have, either. When you ask, be prepared for lots of vague answers and talking about all the bright side to taking a chance.
    Read about all of us in this blog. It’s a lot of reading, but it gives you a pretty good idea how crooked these people are. I’m sure you love your idea and think it’s a winner. And it may be. But no matter how good it is, these people will not put the effort into getting it produced. It’s just too easy for them to get paid, then feed you excuse after excuse as to why you’re NOT getting paid.
    My suggestion is to cut your losses while you’re ahead. Believe me, you’re ahead. My friend and I are down well over $13,000. Once we caught on that Davison wasn’t even looking for companies that would have any interest in our product, we demanded that they find a better company to match up with our product before we sent them any more money. They said they would let us know when another company popped up that was looking for something like our product. We’ve never heard another word from them since. Please don’t be another big-dollar victim like us. Search for more reputable assistance. Don’t feed these criminals any more money. You deserve better than that. And they don’t deserve the time of day from you.


  35. Hi, my name is Pamela and 2 years ago I found this site and submitted my idea to Davison. I got a letter from a John, cannot remember his last name except that it sounded italian. At the time when he asked me for 685.00, I did not have the money and did not want to pursue my idea, due to other things going on in my life. A few months back, I got an email from them asking again about pursuing my idea. I submitted it again and was contacted by a guy named Randy Callahan. He seemed nice and we spoke in length about my idea. We had a couple of phone conversations and he did keep on me about getting my money paid in before the end of December. Due to it being Davison’s 20th year in business, they took 170.00 off the price. I stupidly gave him my debit card number and made the amount he told me in 3 seperate payments. I was told by Randy that I would get a binder in the mail regarding business practices, costs of production and so on and so on.
    Last Monday morning, I got a call from a Leo. He stated that Randy was no longer with the company and that he would be working with me. I really felt funny about that and conveyed to Leo that he was the 3 person that was appointed to me. He said not to worry, but that “Davison had a huge turnover”. He said that he had been there a long time and that he was not going anywhere. He gave me his extension number and told me to call him at any time. This is as far as I have gotten, but there has been a feeling in the pit of my stomach and now after reading about how all these people have been scammed, I just feel stupid. I am really new to all of this. I saw where other people had done well with this company and I thought that I was doing the right thing. Now I do not know. Have you ever heard from anyone that legitimately did do well with them? I don’t know which way to turn. Please help me!!!!!


  36. John says:

    Thanks for the info. They are still at it. I just received an unsolicited e-mail about an hour ago from, promoting Davison. I had done some searches some time back regarding invention development companies, so I opened the e-mail and checked, which turned out to be a “free information resource” that apparently means a spammer, whose quality of information is obviously suspect, since they are either in collusion w/a known scammer by choice or by lack of concern as for whom they promote. This was the first search link that I followed, so it is not hard to find out what deceptive practices in which Davison is involved (one has only to follow your links), so has no excuse for promoting them and I advise that anyone who has had dealings with them to note this fact. Anyways, thanks for the info, Raoul!


  37. Jean Marsh says:

    I am so thankful for this website. I fell for their initial sales pitches hook, line and sinker. But my husband’s wisdom made me check them out further before signing any agreement. That research led me to this website almost a year ago. I am so thankful to you Raoul, you are doing a great service. You have saved me a great deal of money. They still contact me every once in awhile, despite saying they completely destroyed my file. The last time they called, they offered to pursue development of my idea for 10% of the original ‘quoted cost’ — they had a ‘special’ on. I had submitted my idea to ‘Lambert and Lambert’ and it fell short of them developing it completely cost-free to me by one ‘point’. If Davison’s truly feel you have a quality product they would develop it cost-free as well because they would make enough off the royalties to cover their expenses. Thanks again Raoul.


  38. Gary says:


    I’m sorry, I forgot to mention the “Director of New Products” that I dealt with. His NAME is Robert Scruggs. He will warm you up and get you all excited before he cons you out of everything you got. I saw my prototype. It was not even functional. It was completely void of quality. These are supposed to be professional engineers LOL. A high school shop would have done a much better job. My own prototype is an actual functioning prototype that FAR surpasses the thing they built. After I rejected the first prototype, they agreed to make a second one with the CORRECT DIMENSIONS. What they did Cynthia is made the drawings with the correct dimesions and had me sign it but they never actually made it. Then they put me off for eight months saying they were making the new prototype (BS). It took me four weeks to make mine which includes designing, drawings, acquiring materials, and actually making it. They presented the one that was initially made which had the wrong dimensions. I have it now since I made them send it to me. It is a pathetic laughable attempt at building my prototype. I cannot believe they presented this thing to two major corporations “so they say.”
    Fifteen thousand dollars! NO! I will not rest until I get some justice here. Yes, I was a sucker. I admit it. I just cannot imagine that there are people in this world that do this kind of thing to people. I was naive and cannot think at the level of imagining so much deception and wickedness being performed. I am much wiser now.


  39. Cynthia says:

    I’m sorry you’re all a bunch of suckers who think you’re going to make a million dollars without spending a dime.

    Don’t use specific reps names in here. It is rude; they’re just doing their jobs.


    • Cynthia, I have a feeling you work for Davison. Hmm, could it be your IP address that’s giving you away, or the fact that you’re defending them?

      The thing is, I don’t have a quarrel with companies that are willing to help people market their inventions and actually do so. But I do have a bone to pick with spammers and with liars who are only out to get people’s money, and at least in my case, and in the case of those who have complained here, Davison fits that bill nicely.

      And I do encourage people to use specific rep names here and everywhere else on the Internet where they talk about Davison. If they’re swindling people out of their money, they deserve to be outed. If they’re not comfortable with their jobs, they should look for some other line of work.

      I for one look forward to the day when Davison gets all that’s coming to them for what they’ve been doing to people.


  40. Lisa K says:

    Thanks for the info on this blog. I guess Davison is at it again with sending out spam emails. That is how I got interested enough to check him out before doing anything. I have a question Raoul…how do you find people to help you with your idea; ie: prototypes, and eventually manufacturing. Seems like “normal” people don’t have those connections.


    • Lisa, make sure you look through the other comments posted here, because a number of people have chimed in with useful resources for inventors.


  41. Doug H says:

    I was about to sign an agreement myself but I had one question that Davison refused or danced around the answer. How much would “step 2” cost?. I’m glad I came to this site. Thanks guys for saving me some money and stress.


  42. Gary, thank you for sharing your Davison experience here. It’s unbelievable how they try to swindle people out of their money, and they should not be in business.


  43. Gary Pearson says:

    I am embarassed to say that I gave Davison Inventegration 15,000.00. It was a pain staking experience to say the least. They made a first prototype of my idea which took almost a year (I made my own prototype in four weeks). It was a shadow of my prototype. I was very disappointed and rejected it. It took almost another year for them to make the second one. I stayed on them and kept wondering what is so difficult? I finally drove 500 miles (1000 mi. rnd. trip)to meet and speak with them, only to be stood up and without a single apology from them. They finally finished it and presented it to two companies who both declined.
    In my mind, their prototype was inadaquate and I had very little confidence in their ability to do justice in presenting it so I called the whole thing off. I decided to have a manufacturer develop a revised working model of my prototype and who has agreed to manufacture it for me. I will do the marketing myself.
    I advised Davison to send me my 15,000.00 prototype which is part of the agreement. It has been a couple of months so I called to see what the problem was. They said they were making a box. Two months to make a box? I asked if they needed me to make one and send it to them since it obviously is more than they can handle. Another two weeks pass and they still do not have a box. I advised my next step would be to drive out there to pick it up. If I get there and they refuse to give it to me, there will be a problem and I am likely to have my picture on the front page of their paper. In order to even get the second prototype made, I had to threaten and file complaints with the FTC and the BBB. I also filed with their internal compliance dept. who states they will respond within 24 hrs. They never responded.
    These thugs are incompetent and do not think twice at taking your money. I only desire one thing and that is to see them put out of business. DO NOT GO THERE! I could have said much more that would blow you away. Its just to much to put here. I can’t help but wonder if a prototype actually exists and if the presentations actually took place.


  44. Andreas Wittenstein says:

    I just got a suspicious email solicitation from Davison Inventegration. As a successful inventor, I’ve fortunately never fallen for any of these scams, but I’ve heard enough horror stories that I want to help ensure that other budding inventors don’t get suckered. This piece of spam displays a number of warning signs that are worth looking for in similar solicitations:

    Warning #1: The email is from a “.net” domain, not a “.com” (commercial) or “.org” (nonprofit), so they didn’t even bother to use the appropriate top-level domain.
    Warning #2: The email is from , which has no obvious relationship to “Davison” or “Inventegration”, so it’s probably spam.
    Warning #3: The email is from , so it’s probably spam.
    Warning #4: The email source shows a return-path of , so it’s probably spam.
    Warning #5: Pasting the URL in a browser elicits the message “server not found”, so they didn’t even bother to support the World-Wide-Web standard.
    Warning #6: Pasting the URL in a browser yields a blank page with the vacuous HTML source , so it’s probably a front.
    Warning #7: Hovering over the links in the email or looking at the raw source shows that they point to followed by information specifying my email address and which link, so it’s obviously phishing.
    Warning #8: Even the link which promises to “End future mailings” points to the same place, indicating that it’s illegally phishing.
    Warning #9: Searching for “” in Google yields only two hits, indicating that the site is bogus.
    Warning #10: The second Google hit for “” is on a Compassplant Site Survey, which received links to several URLs on the site from spam people forwarded to them
    Warning #11: The Compassplant Site Survey says that the phishing links redirect to a page on another site, , which in turn redirects to another page on that site, and so on for a dozen or so redirections in circles.
    Warning #12: Searching for “” and “scam” in Google yields thousands of hits.
    Warning #13: Searching for “Davison Inventegration” in Google yields this page of Raoul Pop’s as the second hit, and hundreds of other pages complaining about scams and rip-offs.
    Warning #14: The solicitation claims to “help inventors”, with a long list of qualifiers explaining how it doesn’t help inventors. Historically, it’s a safe bet that any company that claims to “help inventors” for a fee will only “help inventors” out of their money.
    Warning #15: For the BikeBoard that won an IDEA award, George Davison helped himself and two other Davison employees onto the list of patent inventors.
    Warning #16: For the Hover Creeper that won an IDEA award, George Davison and 7 Davison employees are listed as the primary patent inventors.

    Folks, if you have an invention worth patenting, you will be able to find (under nondisclosure agreement) customers willing to pay you in advance to use your invention. If you can’t find paying customers, figure out what invention your target customers would be willing to pay for, and go with that instead. Never ever pay someone for the privilege of using your idea unless you’re independently wealthy and enjoy feeding sharks.

    Once you’ve found customers willing to pay to use your invention, file a provisional patent application (see, which only costs you a $110 filing fee plus $15 express mail postage.

    If you don’t mind spending another $125, take the time to think of all the commercially viable variations that competitors might use to avoid or improve on your patent, and file another provisional patent application.

    You have a year after filing a provisional application to turn enough of a profit on the invention to convert the provisional to a regular patent application (for which you may want to hire a patent agent or patent attorney). If your invention hasn’t turned a profit within a year, then unless you can find a reliable investor willing to pay you to keep going or are willing to see your life savings go up in smoke, then drop it, give it up, and think of another invention with a better chance at short-term commercial success.

    If you just want to license the invention, then research companies that manufacture something similar, find the right contacts, and present your invention without agreeing to any terms on the first visit, and if you’re uncomfortable negotiating, hire a professional negotiator for the follow-up visit.

    If you want to sell the product yourself, find a reliable manufacturer in a country that manufactures similar products from similar materials, negotiate the terms (including a number of free prototypes), get purchase orders from your customers, and arrange to pay the manufacturer when your customers have paid you.

    For inspirational reading for entrepreneurs, I recommend “The Carey Formula”, by Barbara Carey.

    For a fail-safe step-by-step guide to starting a successful business, I recommend “The Four Steps to the Epiphany”, by Steven Gary Blank.


  45. bill says:

    we filed a complaint in feb ’07 on the ftc website and have not heard back from them..we also filed a complaint w/ the PTO and received a letter back from them stating they would not investigate the factual allegations of the complaint


  46. Joe says:



  47. Joe says:

    A Settlement has been settled between Florida Trade Commission and Davison. To read the Press Release by the Florida Trade Commission go to their web site at on the search box type in inventions and look at the date of July 18, 2008 click on the blu letters. For those that were scammed between 1994 – March 2006 should call the Florida Trade Commission at 216-263-3434, and give them your info. you may have a chance to get some of your money back.


  48. tony says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t know if he will get his. I’m here in Pittsbugh. He spreads a bunch of money around to get positive press. I’ve had people try to tell me what an amazing guy he is and how he’s just misunderstood.

    he’s like the mafia, spreading money around him hometown so he’ll be loved here, while he’s making his living stealing people’s life savings.

    How can Business Week give him those awards for those crappy products. Don’t they know what that company does?


  49. SteveInTenn says:

    I truly cannot believe this company is still pulling this scam and its getting old, on occassion I`d get a spam from them and never really took them seriously, but recently I figured I have a few ideas and maybe their services could be of use. Now I always check the BBB and other sources before contacting a company that solicits via email, and holy sh!t that`s the largest amount of disputes I`ve seen with any one company I`ve investagated.
    To those that were taken by Davison remember “what comes around, goes around.” He`ll get his in the end.

    Steve In Tenn.


  50. Tiyu says:

    I’m burned the whole large bill as well over $7000 to be exact, “Number 99–( GoldenEagle) i’m with you pal, if you find anyone that is willing to help, or you find how to get back at Davision, please let me know,,,, this company must be stopped and if there is a rule of law that stand up to help people like us, then we must some how awaken that sleeping lion to bit Davison and put them where they belong. I could have done a lot of stuff with that money.. man this sucks, how how how i get to be screwed like this? I guess I’m not alone,,


  51. GoldenEagle says:

    I to would like to know about the class action law suit against Davisons , Ive been burned out of $14000 and about ready to take matters into my own hands one way or another .
    I live in Canada but ts a short drive for me to get to PA and if it goes this way he’ll wish he had never started a company that profits buy screwing hard working men and woman out of there saveings .
    Can anyone help ??


  52. the cardinal says:

    luckily i did not fall into the davidson trap! i am awaiting my provisional patent with assistance from litman law (of arlington, va). for $475, they do patentability research and send a comprehensive report on your invention. you decide from the report if you want to go ahead with a provisional or utility patent. check out their website – it is really eduacational.

    after i receive my patent pending for my invention, i plan on contacting lambert & lambert. any success story with this company?


  53. fedya says:

    Thank you!
    They have annoyed me with phone calls asking me to submit my idea…. so, I was going to do that, but when I looked at their web site it seemed suspicious because looking at the worker’s pictures, they don’t appear smart enough to understand the ideas. So, I found this web site and I escaped from Davison’s trap.


  54. Cathy Rickes says:

    I just found this site and find it very interesting. Just spoke with Craig Garry, Director of New Products. He wants me to send my $12,000 to get my product to market.Looks like we have been scammed, too. Please let me know more about the class action suit. Of course now I will not proceed as I have already lost $695.


  55. mc says:

    wow today was a great day as i just found out about ftc and all of king george’s federal woes. yes folks i was scammed out of thousands back when little georgie was probably in his grand daddys basement. a place where he should have to retire to following federal incarceration for fraud. its been 17 years george glad to see you finnaly getting a little shaft oh yeah tell barking buddy thomas dowell i’ll call if i see any of my money from the suit. cant wait to drink a beer off your anguished payback later


  56. Maria R. says:

    Thank you for this information! I was just about to get suckered for $685 by John Almonte of Davison.


  57. Ideas are like babies…if you don’t feed them then they die. I don’t want to tell you this but Christ and bible says, “Freely I am given and freely I will give…he who shows mercy will be shown mercy.” And, in keeping with my pledge to help G~d’s people when I was 15: You can get a provisional patent that’s good for one year from patent office. Then, sell, or license like a bastard. Basically, anybody can copy anybody if they change it a little and a few other things I read.

    The caveman couldn’t keep his patent on the wheel and the Wright Brothers couldn’t defend their plane patent. Why worry? Be happy.

    Don’t invent killer robots and metropolis barcoded kids hell. Thank you.

    Do invent a bread cooker and launcher gun? It would be fun for over poor nations.


  58. My Christian or full-disclosure sunshine idea for this kind of service is to have all these investment firms rated by “little guy” users as in Ebay. If you screw someone there will be a detailed comment. People will naturally go to the firms that treat the guy with no lawyers or experience better. Its outright greed and theft to take someones idea (baby) and put it to work in a slave shop and take away visiting rights from the parent aka idea grandchildren -Benjamins.

    If you want to copy this idea then go ahead. Some to the church, saints, and martyrs when you get a chance.


  59. Gregor L. says:

    For Jean M.: Lambert & Lambert works on contingency. Yah they have a fee to evaluate an invention but considering time is money, business expense, etc… -what do you get for free anymore. You’ll get an unbiased examination for much less cost the most. Stuff like prototyping, contract negotiations, travel, trade shows is on their dime when they see something to beleive in.


  60. Ronald says:

    if they are really a scam then they wont be getting my money wish i new this be i sent in my ideal


  61. David, the way to “receive all these comments” is to subscribe to the comments for this post. There was a little checkbox next to the comment field that you should have checked when you posted this.

    For the benefit of everyone reading this, David Ponder is apparently from Davison itself. His email address is from that domain.

    At any rate, I don’t know what David’s purpose is in posting here and asking to be kept abreast of these comments when all he needs to do is to READ them, but now that we’ve got his attention, feel free to air your complaints.


  62. Thanks Raoul,

    I was almost deceived by this Davison Co. Unfortunately, I’ve been bamboozled by bozos like these before. As a result,I’ve learned to always consider the source. That’s why after i got spammed by these clowns, i googled’em, and thank goodness i discovered your site. Thanks again. For the record, if any of you children’s book writers ever get solicited by “Children’s Literary Agency” out of New York…. Don’t be fooled! They’re from the same school of “dirty rotten scoundrels.”

    You’re out! Davison = (

    Thanks Raoul = ) You Rock!!



  63. Jean M says:

    Does anyone have any further information regarding Lambert & Lambert? A couple of you mentioned doing business with them. Were you successful? Their website looks legit, but so did Davison’s. Is it another case of too good to be true? Any input would be appreciated. They don’t have too many success stories reported on their website either.


  64. Livingstone Ominde says:

    Anybody who can assist me develop my Idea should get me on +254733779750. KENYA-Africa.


  65. Livingstone Ominde says:

    I have an appointment with Mr. Robert in the next 20 minutes,(who liked my idea). I am a Kenyan and have given him a lot of African Ideas I have. Though I have not signed the contract. Thanks for this blog.Who is the genuine person to work with?


  66. Joe says:

    We have contacted an attorney and in order to present a class action law suit we need people to come forward and we need to gather up 50 – 60 people with similar complaints for the attorney to take the case. If you would like to participate in
    this pool please email: Thanks


  67. kelly says:

    Hi everyone, I just spoke with someone from davison on monday. He “loved my idea” Im so glas I found this site before I sent any money. Can they move along with MY idea even if I don’t???


  68. Richie says:

    Hi all, you are doing the world a great service by exposing this scam company, as an unsuccessful inventor based in the uk and one that has spent hours researching other scam companies in the UK to persue my own inventions I kept recieving emails from Davidson after a brief enquiry many moons ago, the emails came every month so I thought I’d look into it, my first thoughts were yeah, nice web site but wheres the catch and then I came across this blog, thank god for you guys and good luck in your pursuits.
    Just a thought…
    I am a great one for team work and I’m sure many of us have now enough savvy to be able to pursue our ideas avoiding such companies so like I say it is just an idea but can we not work together to create something that helps us all, like I said previously, I am in the UK and struggling on my own.
    If anyone has any idea of how we can work together for mutual benefit please don’t hesitate to email me, I have an idea…
    All the best to you all.
    Richard Nunn.


  69. Sammy says:

    Hi everybody, I am from HK, I go searching for some techical information to my new inventing products and find a site which is a Chinese website and I was firstly being excited by it and go on further search for their mother company davidson USA and reach to this site. I think this company is now using the same method in USA but take place in China, they have office in Shanghai. Luckily I go for a more detail reseach and not falling into the trap, thanks for all of yours’ information and I will try to post the link and information in some Chinese website (though may be having language barrier for some Chinese people)to give more alerts to others


  70. Joe says:

    Anyone who has done business with Davison after March 2006 and feels that given money to Davison and are unhappy with their services need to contact the Florida Trade Commission and file a report so that they can begin a new investigation for those impacted after the 2006, since we know there are quite a number of people who have posted messges in this web site after 2006, that feel they have been scammed. For more info on the 2006 Law Suit please call teh Federal Trade Commision Hotline and listen to their voice messge regarding Davison 1-216-263-3434. And they file a report with them either online or over the phone.


  71. G says:

    Wow, me too, theyve gotten to a lot of people apparently .
    Glad this site is here , this is not a good testimonial.


  72. Joe says:

    Thank you all for submitting your comments unfortunately, we found out about this web site now $ 10K plus dollars later into our relationship with Davison. We did see the Judgement of the $ 26 Mil. but that was in 2006 and there are a number of people with complaints on this company since then. Now we are not sure if we should continue our relationship with them after reading all this. It is heart breaking; how hard working people get taken by promising them better financial stability. Everyone needs to contact the Federal Trade Commission and file a report.


  73. Robin says:

    I was also kicking around the idea of sending my invention idea off to Davison Inventegration (or whoever they are nowadays. After reading all your entries, I thank God I never acted on it. I’d like to return the favor and offer this advise. Check out any company that you plan to do business with by visiting the Better Business Bureau site – If they are not a member and in good standing runaway as fast as you can… I checked out Lambert and Lambert they are members and in good standing. I checked out Davison Inventegration, they on file with the BBB as Davison Design and Development, Inc. at Davison 54 595 Alpha Dr Pittsburgh, PA 15238. They are NOT MEMBERS have NUMEROUS complaints!!! The BBB also gives information about the 26 million dollar lawsuit against them.

    Advise for all of us:
    Make sure the company clearly post their address and telephone number on their site. Make sure they are located in an actual building and not working out of their homes. Finally, check sites like this one.

    P.S. Those of you who have not yet filed your complaints with the BBB against Davison Inventegration… WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR — GET TO TYPING!!!


  74. Jeff Stephens says:

    Thank goodness I reserched Davison. My representative there was named Steve Smith. Interesting that there is not one duplicate name for the representative. I was just about to send in the money for the initial search til I came across this website and did my research. Thank you for telling everyone your stories to save others from going thru the same thing. Everything that you have said in here I have heard from Steve Smith….same promises…same story.


  75. CHUCKIVER says:

    I too received a spam from davison, What a JOKE! I feel sorry for all of you that fell victim to such a scam.. However there is light at the end of the tunnel for all of you inventors that wish to continue pursuing your dreams of one day having your idea patented.. Here’s some light! Although it is minimal I hope that the info below is helpful.. GOOD LUCK!

    Affiliated Inventors Foundation
    Encourages/assists inventors; Low-cost/free patent attorney and consultant services

    American Society of Inventors
    Works with government to improve inventor environment; encourages invention/innovation; sponsors educational programs

    Intellectual Property Owners
    1255 23rd St NW, Ste. 850
    Washington, DC 20037
    Seeks to strengthen the patent, trademark, copyrights, and trade secret laws; monitors legislative activities; awards and publications

    Inventors Assistance League, International
    345 W Cypress St
    Glendale, CA 91204
    Brings together inventors and manufacturers; helps bring products to marketplace; speakers’ bureau, museum, Hall of Fame

    Inventors Clubs of America (ICA)
    PO Box 450261
    Atlanta, GA 31145-0261
    Full: $200
    Problem solving/inventing; patenting, development, manufacturing, marketing, advertising assistance; conducts research and education programs; speakers bureau

    Inventor’s Guild
    Box 132
    Plainview, TX 79073
    Copyright/trademark info; research programs

    Inventor’s Workshop International Education Foundation (IWEF)
    7332 Mason Ave.
    Canoga Park, CA 91306
    Instruction, assistance, and guidance in patent searches, patent protection, developing and marketing inventions, etc.; conducts seminars and research; reference library

    National Congress of Inventors Organizations (NCIO)
    727 N 600 W
    Logan, UT 84321
    Inventor education programs; speakers bureau

    National Inventors Foundation (NIF)
    345 W Cypress St
    Glendale, CA 91204
    Invention protection/promotion information

    United Inventors Association of the USA
    PO Box 23447
    Rochester, NY 14692
    Information on Patent Reform; grant information and referrals for inventors; Inventor’s Digest publication; active liason with the USPTO


  76. Roger says:

    I am another sucker that fell for this company. They got my $700 dollars then did the same thing to me. started talking about product development,packaging and paying for travel of their reps to go to manufacturers and such to take on production of the product. Of course I didn’t have the thousands of $$$$ they said it would cost so I cut them off. Well, the $700 didn’t break me but what really hurt was that by this time they had my idea. Now my idea is on the market today and I didn’t get a dime for it. In the past year I have seen many stores with variations of my idea. Go ahead and google it and you will see how popular it has become. “Charging station”, “docking station”. It is a desktop or countertop box that has a powerstrip plugin inside it and you set your cell phone, pda, ipod, etc. on it to charge and it hides all the wires.


  77. Sue Stylianos says:

    Thank you so much for this informative website. At first I was excited when apeaking with Mike O’Brien from Davison. He sent me out a very professional pamphlet along with some paperwork to sign and return with $685. The website is also very impressive. But when Mike started getting a little pushy about putting the $685 on a credit card either over the phone or via fax, I told him I would fax it. I waited a couple days, he called me back to make sure that I sent it out. I told him no, that I was going to wait until after the first of the year. I had asked him how much more it would cost during the process and he said “not much, not like it’s going to be tens of thousands of dollars.” I found this blog before sending them a dime! Thanks again!


  78. Tom says:

    I first want to thank all of you for your comments on this Davison Company and their shaky owner. I find hard ot believe he can sleep at night but then I’m sure he has a number of fancy cars and multi-million dollar home, membership at Oakmount (this past years site of the U.S. Open)…Wait a minute…they wouldn’t take him in because their members stand for the common man/woman. OK, enough sarcastic humor because many of you lost a lot of money. It’s a hard lesson and we all unfortunately have stories where we’ve been taken. Thank God for the Internet and it’s ability to advise people. I sure wish I had Google back in the early 90’s where I lost 1000’s to a bogus brokerage company pitching a number of hot selling stocks. This isn’t much different, praying on all of us with hopes of making MONEY. I recently found Davison in my Inbox and I decided to see what this was all about. I had been tinkering with an idea about a protective cover to my car windshield which would eliminate the need for scraping frost and ice every morning in the winter. I was certain the product had already been invented but I can’t say I’ve ever seen one. You see lots of shields in the summertime to keep sun from heating up your interiors but nothing in the winter. I’ve been using a simple exercise mat and it works fine except when its windy. But onto Davison and their “Director of New Products”, Anthony Ambrogio who has called me 3 times and sent along the contract requesting the $685 to start their Inventegration. I’ve been very skeptical from the start because my idea is basically “off the cuff” and not researched more than 10 minutes on my part BUT they are ready to get started. Even the contract has my invention named in it…”Anti Windshield Frost Guard”. Thats funny because I’d have to look back and check to see if that was my name or theirs? What kind of company takes EVERY idea that comes across their mail servers or phone calls? I have my last call scheduled again this Friday and I can hardly wait based on the info I’ve read here and various other sources, all confirming Davison is BAD NEWS…be WARNED. It’s unfortuante that others will likely continue to be TAKEN for their hard earned $$$ by this company but hopefully blogs like this and searches on Google will teach people NOT to trust this company.


  79. zach says:

    Soooo, I just threw up in my shoe ! I got taken last year for 13000 and they just drag out the whole process. After one of the Director’s of new products (as there must be a couple of hundred of these guys) does a great job of selling there services, they turn you over to the marketing lady that sounds like your nice grandma. She tells you that the targeted company was not interested and that she will be in touch, so sorry! They then ask for more money to repackage (BS) the item for the new company. It’s been over a year and I’m only on the third company (aggressive marketing)! The crazy thing is that I have family that works at this company and he can’t even find where or who davison sent it(my product) to! The company is not that big ! Further investigating is being done , but man I feel like a moron. These people are good salesman praying on people’s hopes and dreams. That’s horrible. On good ol’ George’s video he states they pump out over 200 ideas a month that’s: 200 x 12 =2400 ideas x $12,000.00 average cost of scam = $28.8 million dollars of no guilt scam. I’m freakn out !


  80. I received the letter of CONFIDENTIALITY signed by G.M. Davison and a Inventegration Service Research Portfolio from Nicholas Kioalicas (Director of New Products, Ph# 800 544 3327 ext. 50007). Nicholas is going to call me tomorrow, however after reading all of the above comments, I am going to inform him that I do not want to do any further business with him or his company. Thank you very much for your wanderful web site.


  81. Doug Sabin says:

    Thank you all for your consistent comments regarding Davison. I answered the email inquiry then recieved 2 calls for me to call them and spend my time talking to them about my invention. I have not spent any money and I am thankfull I found this blog. thanks Raoul.
    For the person who asked for their # I have “Ted Leggins”(?Director of marketing and product development.) at 1-800-544-3327 ext 50192

    I did an inquiry with Inventhelp, who seem legitimate but they are looking for money up front as well, and they have a convenient payment plan ! which I did not get involved with. I will be checking into the Inventors Assistance League International and Lambert & Lambert. I hope to follow up here with my results and hope that others will do the same. Thanks Raoul for this forum to reach people and save significant financial hardship and personal despair. DS


  82. Tiyu says:

    All I have to say is “holly shit” about ( So far I have spent more then $6000 and guess what I have never received any fruitful thing from them. About few weeks go they sent me copy of webpage (100+ pages) they said the company that will manufacture my idea. And I was so devastated, since I have spent that much money, I was patient, but after reading everyone article, I’m destroyed, that is my hard earned money. And I doubt I will get it back. So I have decided to take them to court if that will make any difference. If anyone is out there thinking of same thing, please do contact me at .


  83. Trevor says:

    Ok, I turned down Davison and found out about this other company Lambert & Lambert. They only require $175.00 and that is all they do not want any more money for each company they find for you the inventor or prototyping money etc. They actually only do the patent reasearch and the work finding suitable manufacturers\distributors. They do ask for a larger percentage of the royalties but that is because they do not make money from the inventor but rather from the invention royalties. You will need to get a leter of intant to patent which is only like $100 and although Lambert & Lambert don’t do it for you they can guide you through that. It some simple forms to fill out (I have not doen this yet so I’m repeating what I have been told about it).
    They don’t even believe that prototyping is an absolute necessity and believe that the rigth manufacturer will have the means to do that part of the process.
    You will need to get a patent before you enter into a licensing agreement with a manufacturer but that can be done at the point when you have a lisencing agreement and this step should be handled by a patent lawyer, whic can usually be paid for from money’s obtained through the licensing agreement.

    This seems to be a more sensible aproach to the process given you can produce or have produced correct dwg’s or 3D models. I am an engineer so I do my own 3D and or 2D models but people with skill like that are all over the place and can be employed quite easily and relatively inexpensively.
    I run a sole propriatorship and do mechanical design work on contract and charge $40\hr (starting) so you could expect to spend a few buck depending on the item but really the programs are realy easy to use and models can be made suprisingly fast.

    Anyway I’m not bucking for work I’m too busy already but it is food for thaught. if you would like some more free advise on what you have and what you could do with it. I will pass on any further advise I get as I move forward with Lambert & Lambert.

    Hope this has helped.


  84. Trevor says:

    Well, I have sent in my idea but have not paid the $685.00 and I won’t be after reading these testimonials. I really wish I had found this link before I put my idea out there. I would like to know if all the companies out there are scammers or if there are some that are legit. I think most people are too busy trying to make ends meet to go to trade shows and pay for sometimes expensive prototypes etc. so I think there is a definate need for a company to step in and yes take a piece but get the great ideas that are out there to market. Can anyone out there recommend any company that is on the level??

    Lambert & lambert was one I found that I could not find any dirt on but they still have the same sign up format but only want like $125.00 or somehting like that…???

    I’m going to call them tomorrow and see what they have to say about Davison.


  85. Dave B says:

    I too, along with an investment parter, was scammed several years ago by Davison. We unfortunately sent in over $13,000 total for the whole process. After the first company rejected the proposal, Davison kept coming up with alternate companies that had nothing to do with the product we were trying to manufacture. For each company, they demanded and additional $100+ dollars to redo the prototype so that it would be acceptable to the new target company. We did not accept any of the newly proposed companies. Davison told us they would continue to look for a new company, and would contact us. Needless to say, we never heard back.
    What I’m most interested in, now, is finding out about the $26 million payout. Did they really pay up? Can former clients collect anything from this? I would appreciate hearing from anyone on how to go about recouping losses from this crooked company. Obviously I now have no hope of Davison ever coming through on the agreement. Even if I can only get some of my money back, I feel this is the best way to get them where it hurts….in their pocketbooks.


  86. I remember long ago I think I heard about Davison and never thought about it. A few months ago I saw one of my idea on TV. Then Publisher Clearing House had their million dollar promotions and kept emailing me. After going through PCH’s links I ended up on the Davison website. I passed it up a few times until I just submitted my idea. Just recently I got my first email saying that they have been trying to contact me and that that would be my last email if I don’t respond and the case would be close. I replied and got another email with the attachment with the $685 pre-inventegration fee today. So since I am on the internet why not search Davison. Thanks for the heads-up.


  87. Dave says:

    Thank you all, I was ready to send $685.00. How can a company due that to people. I am sure all of us could agree we are just trying to secure our futures for our families or ourselves for a better way of life and if we can become millionaires that is just the icing on the cake. But we are not trying to rip people off like this company. My question is. How do you go about getting an idea to a company and them buying that idea? Any takers on this? Will take all advice.Thanks


  88. Ramona says:

    I to feel I was scamed.Thank god for his misterius ways.Last night when I tried to email the information they needed to proccess my credit card my scaner died.Then today my husband tried to fax it but the fax number wouldn’t go through.I came apon your site by accident but i’m glad I did.I’ve already spent 751..78 Canadian dollars but thier not getting a dime more.A lesson well learned.Sorry to all the other people in the same boat.Thanks for your web site!


  89. todd neufer says:

    well im also glad i found this site after wasting 685.00 i have left messages time after time and now the won’t call me back and i have since lost their #. if anyone has it please e-mail it to me at. thanks so much and also let me know if there is any other place to submit my idea. thanks todd.


  90. I just spoke to Jared Kamerer today by phone and I backed him into a corner. He told me that there are about 100 “Directors of new products.” (Yeah, Right). This apparently is the title they give CSR’s. After much hemming and Hawing on his part, I got him to admit that they do ask for Several Thousand Dollars down the road and this is the main reason they have such a high drop rate. He was not happy when I told him with what I knew, I was going to turn them in to the Attorney General. I also directed him to this site so he could see the growing number of disgruntled people Davison has dealt with in just the past few months. He didn’t like that at all.


  91. Raoul, I did not mean to be offensive, I was only trying to help. My idea is such that everyone can benefit from it. Without going into a long story about what I do, I can safely say that I understand how these people feel after being exploited by Davison. My product though, is a bit different as it is designed to help everyone else promote their product. As a result of this, Davison should have promoted this fact, which they did not. The idea works, I have used it for 15 years. I was only trying to give your readers a viable option, if they wished to try it.


  92. John, while I approve of hearing about your Davison story, I do not approve of your trying to advertise your services on my site. And I certainly don’t approve of subliminal advertising, as you indicate on one of your sites. Let this be notice to all others. I will remove such comments or the offending portions of those comments without notice.


  93. Hi, I have been working with Davison Inventegration for several months involving an idea for interactive advertising that I developed several years ago and wanted to expand it’s marketting capabilities. All I got was estatic encouragemant from Davison. Their “Director of New Products -Jared Kamerer” was the only one I ever talked to. After reading the comments on this website, I am thinking that “Jared” is the same rep for everyone, but using different names. My idea is well protected, so I do not worry about them or anyone else stealing it. I am also convinced now that Davison Inventegration is one big SCAM. I have my idea completely laid out on my Web Sites and encourage visitors to print out samples… [The rest of this comment was edited by the site owner because of blatant advertising.]


  94. kelly says:

    I just want to send out a big thank you to all the people that commented on Davison Inventegration. First off I am sorry for your misfortunes in dealing with them, but I applaud you all for speaking up and making it so that when this company is searched online, by just its name, many websites exposing them as frauds pop up as well. Suffice it to say I will do no business with this company, and in the future I will share my experiences, good or bad, in any way I can, as all of you have done.


  95. Dianne says:

    Yes I too sent in my 580 dollars to see if any companies would like to see a sample of my great idea. I was told the company they said was interested would have to see a product sample that would cost over 10,000. If they company was interested and said yes then I would get royalties. They make it all sound so wonderful but I backed out when I found scam reports on Davidson Design and at least 164 reports to the Better Business Bureau. I hope everyone else will investigate Davidsign Inventegration before parting with over 10,000.


  96. Yup, I’ve read about this. Companies with negative press can pay SEMs to create positive press that will overwhelm the bad articles. It’s pretty dishonest and sleazy of them. Fortunately, Google still has the right search results.


  97. Marguerite Wilson says:

    This thread from Come Across was on the search engine I was using last night; guess what? It was GONE this morning! Almost every negative word had been removed and there were more positive entries of all kinds. I could NOT believe this! I wonder how much they paid to do this!


  98. Marguerite Wilson says:

    I too am grateful I found this site, which confirmed my suspiscion that these guys are too good to be true. I only got as far as the call where the $685 was mentioned. When I hesitated at this he told the truth for once, saying”Oh that’s the least of your worries!” I had discussed only the need for my particular idea, because I wasn’t really sure what sort of device I could come up with to solve it, and he made an appointment for a second call. By then I had read this site so I had my husband answer the phone and tell him I was no longer interested in dealing with Davison. He tried to find out why(although I am pretty sure he knew darned well why) but my husband cut him off and hung up.


  99. Donna says:

    I just got the inventegrationbeginshere packet from Davison employee A. Alper. I was going to send it to my attorney tomorrow for review but after researching the company, I found all of you.
    WHEW, thanks. Dissappointed but now I will go to the SBA in my area and start the process myself. The US patent and Trademark office (online) also gives lots of free information.


  100. quyen says:

    Thank you so much for starting this blog and everyone else for sharing their horror stories. i am so glad i decided to do some research first and not get suckered in. Unfortunately, i believe one of my fried had be had….not just the $685, but thousand more for the prototype. I feel so sad for him and many on this blog.

    I think i will have to take the long hard route in getting my idea come true… such thing as free money…got to work hard at it. One thing that is free…..information. Thank you all.


  101. Heather says:

    Hi, I emailed my idea all the way from South Africa. Had “Director of New Products” Joseph Green calling me. I had actually missed 2 of his previous calls and emailed him to say that he must call me at 2pm (his time) which would be 8pm my time. He was friendly and I was most impressed by his efficiency. He also said it would be a set fee of 685 dollars and I could pay in installments. Now multiply that by 8 because of the exchange rate. Because my product is something to help animals and not about the money, I was really going to go through with this. I’m so glad that I decided to do a bit of research on google because it seemed a bit odd that he was so sure that a corporation would like my idea especially since it was a concept that is a bit far fetched. He’s going to contact me next Wednesday but I don’t think I’ll answer the phone. Such a shame, I actually thought he was a nice person. Now that I’ve looked at their inventionland again, it’s so over the top!


  102. Mark Kallas says:

    My Davison representative is/was Frank Fischer. I should have been suspicious when his business card didn’t even have an email address on it. His explanation was that they deal in very sensitive information(!) I wish I Googled these ‘developers’ a bit more before I parted with my $685. It was only after they got my money they told me it would take an investment of $10,000 to produce a prototype of the device (which I had already done!)to present it to a corporation. But it’s best to cut one’s losses than pump them up with my hard earned cash. I can’t believe they are still in business. It is and will be very difficult for someone with a great idea to get it to market. Unfortunately Davison preys upon these people and comes on with the sincere approach that they are there to help you. Help you part with your money, that is. Live and learn.


  103. melissa chisholm says:

    I am soooo enoyed I have told the davidson group of my idea and thought I would look them up! Wel thank you to you all I understand how silly I was. My Idea could work so well I’m hopeing I can mini patent it before they use it.Shame there is soo many dishonest people in this world and how can they sleep at night?


  104. paul lewis says:

    tks for a great website.
    if this had been pre-google i would have been 13k$ lighter in my pocket.

    good luck all!


  105. Blake says:

    Well, well, well, the plot thickens!
    For a complete up date on what is going on with the FTC lawsuit against Davison call (216) 263 3434 (This is a HOTLINE that was set up by the FTC to handle all the calls that they were getting about Davison – pretty bad when you have to have your own HOTLINE)

    They will be making a settlement (apparently), but the details will not be public for a few more days. This is not a solution to the problem as they seem to be doing the same thing all over again – even before the settlement is finished! They need to be shut down!


  106. I guess I am alittle jaded or just older but I decided to Google the guys before contacting them directly. Thanks to everyone for your honest feedback!
    As inspired as I was about having someone help me over the hump of creation I did not trust sending or speaking my idea to strangers on the internet. I just learned of an idea that I discussed with various entrepreneurs 2 years ago that is now in the stores…
    Need I say I will not be contacting Davison?
    But, I will keep trying…and I hope all of you will, too.


  107. Donna says:

    Oh My God! I am freaking out! It’s 2:30 am. And I couldn’t sleep because I received a call from a New Product Rep. at Davison by the name of (Robert Pender). He was very short with me but wanted to set up a phone consult tomorrow for 20 minutes. I have read all the comments on this page and I am really worried. Like so many of you guys I received an e-mail urging me to summit my idea and how it would be protected. First let me tell you I am a small business owner and I have limited finances. I thought that if I was up front and informed Davison of my finances. I was seeking a backer to market my idea, and I thought they would not contact my asking for money.
    My idea has been such a secret that my own family was kept in the dark. I know my idea does not exist, and I know it will make someone millions! I’m worried! Is that going to be Davison? I am hoping they will toss out my idea because I plan not to speak with them tomorrow. I just called their after hours answering service and let them know I was canceling, and I would be calling our family attorney for advice. I want to thank everyone for taking the time to share the step by step deception they have experienced. You are all thoughtful people! May only goodness come your way and best of luck with your inventions.


  108. Raoul, I received my package via DHL with the info for the company that is interested in my product per Mr. Davison. First of all, I cannot find them anywhere and they did not list the products that they already make. I also had payment plan options as to how I could pay out the 13,000.00 they need inorder to put my product into production. Are they kidding? I can’t beleive they are still in business! The fortune article just about says it all. Thank you for sharing your valuable information about these crooks!


  109. jim says:

    Thanks for posting all this juicy stuff about davison guys. I got took last year by a different company they got me for 6500. I feel like Im getting on the same roller coaster Any ideas about where to go???


  110. San says:

    I just hung up with Chaz Januzzi at Davison. Submitted my idea over a week ago and he called today. Tomorrow he’s sending me my ‘contract’ and I have to return it with a check for $685 for Davison to do R & D (Patent search, competitive product search…). I wasn’t completely sold so I did some research and found this site. THANK YOU!!!!!!
    I instead went to Inventor’s Assistance League International website. It’s a non-profit 501C that’s been in business for 45 years. They have a program (which includes Pre-Patent Protection) for $395 + $10 shipping. With that you receive 3 manuals : How to Protect your Idea, How to Find a company for your idea and a Resource Guide. The $405 also includes the services of 1 year of the Assistance League for any questions, advice, etc…. My package will be mailed tomorrow via FedEx and I will receive it in 5 business days.
    ALSO…Davison was just fined $26 million dollars for Invention Marketing Fraud, which they paid…and they are still in business!!!!

    Best wishes to you all…



  111. Michelle, I would be highly suspicious of that offer from Davison.

    Milani, thank you! Glad to be able to help others! 🙂


  112. Milani Saturn says:

    I’m so sorry for what happened to you Raoul. And thanks a lot. You just don’t realize how many you have saved through this blog.


  113. Ok, I received my letter signed by the “big guy” Mr. Davison himself. I received a call on Friday 7/06/07 that they had GREAT news! A company has been targeted for my product! They did disclose the name of the company in the letter. Of course I came up with nothing when I tried to find them online. I would assume my next enthusiastic call will be for the big money to get the prototype going. What is next for me? Anyone? I can’t beleive the actually get away with this!


  114. Joey Ward says:

    I just invested over $12,000 in this “so called” inventegration process. It makes me almost sick to read all these commentaries from poor people like me. I even have the $100 patent that was to last a year (which is almost timed out). My ‘director of new products’ was supposedly Tom Gallegar. The reason for my disbelief came when I called the 800 number after hours to leave Mr. Gallager a message and a young girl answered the phone with a simple HELLO! She then said she had an extension of the same phone line in her bedroom. If there ever is any kind of lawsuit against these crooks, someone please let me know. J. Ward


  115. Glad I found this site $685.00 later. Luckily,I haven’t shelled out anymore money. Does anyone know another company that would be able to do the job that they claim to do only honestly? Everyone seems to have the same experience. How many Directors of new products do they have anyway? The one I spoke to was named John D’alessio? Interesting.


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  117. VILMA VILLATORO says:

    After rading the article Davidson Integration they just take your money posted by Raoul Pop I feel that I could my own research to market my invention. I submitted my idea by email on June 27, 2007.
    It is a SIMPLE IDEA and with a big potential of BIG INCOME forever and ever and ever.
    This is my QUESTION. What if the use MY IDEA, because I haven’t file for it. What should I do next? It’s there anybody who can mentor me on this one?
    I just received a reply mail from them, and they say that soon they will contact me. I am glad you posted this article on the web. Thanks to all of you.


  118. Scott Anderson says:

    Kelly if you already told him the idea and did not put in a Pro Patent if he does it before you and develops a product before you your out of luck. You have to understand that the United States has the oldest patent laws in the world and with that the most flawed in the world. This is one area where the USA lags the rest of the world and is planning on revamping to catchup with the rest of the world on the rules of ownership to property rights.

    Never ever give out and idea to anyone unless they are right in front of you with a non-disclosure agreement being signed and to make it better video tape it all at the same time. The meeting, signing etc…


  119. Scott Anderson says:

    Use a provisional patent folks it cost you about $100 and gives you a year to pre market the product. Also spend some time reading Patent it Yourself by David Pressman and ISBN# 0425194094 The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, Trade Secrets & Licensing (Paperback)

    As you will learn a lot more with a lot less money then they shady characters that try to exploit those not in the loop.


  120. kelly says:

    i am currently in contact with Bill Harrison at davison.
    i do not trust him thats why i looked for this website.
    Bill is saying the exact same things i see going on here.
    i plan on telling him off when he calls me next week to tell me that he has got solution to my problem,mind you i never gave him permision to do so.thank you.


  121. ross says:

    It is not necessary to patent an idea in order to protect your intellectual property. It is only necessary to detail by a legally- acceptable method what your idea is and the process by which you developed it. It’s not necessary to produce a working model. That can be done by a company to whom you license your idea for manufacture. They also have the pleasure of taking the idea through the patent process, if they think it’ necessary. You can find out all about the process from a group that is actually dedicated to helping people like us, and not interested in ripping us off. It’s called Inventor’s Assistance League International. Google the name, and you will find out all about the organization. It’s a non-profit, and you won’t find any negatives about it or its founder. There’s a very reasonable fee for their service, and they don’t keep trying to get more money from you. Just very helpful and professional.


  122. Mike in GA says:

    I checked out the pitchtv thing and they ask you to agree to their terms and conditions, but when you click the t&c link there is a note saying they will be posted later. Sketchy. Anyone know of a real source with a real confidentiality agreement who will foot the bill for profits?


  123. John says:

    Yes, I too was suckered in and do not have anything positive to say. Been a few years now and like the author of this blog, I have the original paper work to remind me of my foolishness. I believe that their was a class action suit but haven’t followed up on it. Sorry to see that they are still in operation and I still get angered when I read stories of their exploitation. I have a few choice words and actions that I would like to express about Davis but in this political climate, I will keep them to myself.
    Kudos to this site and to all who speak out


  124. Junie says:

    I too was “interested” when I saw their very motivating website. I work as a paralegal and always do my research on any company who claims they could make me wealthy. Thank GOD I’ve only started researching them as of yesterday and found the ripoff report and have been forwarded to many additional sites that educated me on this enterprise of thiefs. How dare they take advantage of people who are trying to survive in life and have dreams of one day being able to say “I invented that”. To those of you who have been scammed by these people, I am so sorry. However am extremely thanking for your honesty so noone else is taken by them. I happen to work in a lawfirm which has patent attorneys and have been consulting with one who is willing to help me research the patent and if all goes well hopefully will assist in the application process. My idea is a large item and somewhat complicated. Where I come across a brick wall is: where do I go to get a prototype? I’ve considered doing one myself but am hoping to get something very professional which I don’t think I can do on my own. Thanks #17 (Joe) for the website you’ve provided. I haven’t gone into them yet but would also like to know if any of you have tried any company you think is worth looking into. Thanks again!!


  125. Travis says:

    I was also taken by Davison. Apparently I wasn’t smart enough to back out with only the $685.00 investment. I was thoroughly coned into about a $6000.00 loss. They are very skillful con artists in my opinion and I wouldn’t recommend anyone doing business with them. This has been about 2 years ago and I can’t even get a call back from them. Now looking back, they made me feel at the time that this was a deal of a life time on my invention. Now I realize that most of what they researched could have been done by my 8 year old daughter not to include the out dated references and multiple times they put in writing how they don’t stand behind anything they do. (Make up an idea and submit it to them I will almost guarantee they will be more enthusiastic about it than a new puppy). Please do your research before you deal with them don’t end up taken like I did.


  126. Sandy says:

    I just got off the phone with the “director of new products” from Davison. He asked that I send in $685.00 to do a Patent Search and Product related search. I asked why I couldn’t get my own attorney to do that. He stated that if the companies whom wanted to lisence my product didn’t know the firm, then they would require it to be done again.

    This alarmed me and I started to research on my own. THANK YOU all so much for posting your issues with them. You have personally saved me from making a huge mistake. To those of you who have mentioned “Class Action Law Suit”, I am on board if they use my idea. This whole thing is very scary. If they aren’t really marketing our products, where do these “ideas” go. We all need to keep and eye out for each other. Again THANK YOU.


  127. Rebecca, I think you answered your own questions. If that so-called rep couldn’t even keep your original fax, and you had to re-fax it later, can you really trust them? And if all he’s doing is waiting eagerly for the money, and asked you to send in whatever you can spare, it seems even sleazier. If you don’t have money to waste, don’t waste them. Go your own way. Research what needs to be done at your local library and go from there.


  128. Rebecca P. Biggers says:

    I turned my idea into davison a while back when I spoke with a rep. for the first time I told him what my idea was and he was so eager to get my blueprint that I had made that he had me fax it to him the very next day , I felt uncomfortable with this but did any way ,Then Igot the agreement in the mail ,signed and returned it ,he then asked me for another copy of my blueprint, that puzzled me.Isent in 25 dollars toward the 685 cause he was so eager for me to get any amount down towards this now after reading this I am skeptical about sending in the rest of the 685 he is waiting eagerly for the rest of the money ,he says so we can start looking for present it to I dont know what to do after reading all this .Any advise for me. Oh I told him on the phone once that I had read some neg. things about them ,he said every co. has some neg. feedback. please give me some advice here I do not know what to do Iam single and do not have money to waste .


  129. peg says:

    I have spent close to 2,000 already with davison design. financial restraints have prevented my final committment for over 10,000 to submit my idea to companies. they have been awarded in business weekly last year. i thought they were legit. has anybody thought about a class action law suit?


  130. Not sure, J. Start with the US Patent office — call them or go to their site and find out how to get started with filing a patent application. Use your local library. I’m sure the librarian can help you find some books that will assist you as you file the patent application. As for manufacturing a prototype, a working model may or may not be needed, depending on the type of invention you’re working on. You could advertise on Craiglist for someone that makes prototypes or builds 3D models, and then come to an agreement with them on the price. Make sure to have a good non-disclosure agreement in place, and a contract that also makes it clear this is your product, not theirs — unless you’re willing to work on it together with someone else and share the profits.


  131. I guess I was just about to make a big mistake! Thanks for the heads-up. But…I sure would like to know the process..or hoa to go about getting a provisional patent….or though I have a prototype, I will need manufactured pieces. How do I go about it? Any help appreciated. I will check back here for anyones ideas(knowledge)
    especially for those of us whom are POOR.


  132. James F. T. says:

    Recently i was on the phone with a guy from davison
    and everything the man with the “faucet” said is
    true. i have not sent any money yet,and
    after reading the comments by the people here i won’t
    be. but i have to tell you,the letdown is very heavy.
    You think the product can go,they build you up and it’s just another scam. Well, you live and you learn. Too
    bad people like us could’nt get together to make our
    ideas and dreams come true.


  133. Joline, I would do a thorough reading of that agreement you signed with them, to see if they could use your idea. If they go ahead and use it without your permission, you could use that and any other documents you have to show that you came up with it.

    To get your product out there, you could file a patent application (after doing thorough research on your idea to make sure it wasn’t done before — you can use the Patent Office’s online library for the searches) and as the patent is pending, you could start contacting companies the field related to your idea (if you want to sell it to them), or you could try and build a prototype yourself.

    Then, go to trade shows and get the word out, and use a factory (out of country is cheaper) to manufacture it. Then you could either sell it yourself on a website and on eBay, or you could strike some deals with distributors/merchants here in the US, or both.

    Hope this helps!


  134. Joline says:

    I have already submitted an idea to Davison, after reading these comments I am hesitant about continuing with them. They already know my idea, can they use it themselves?? How do I stop them?? Can anyone tell me how to go about getting my product out there??


  135. Amanda says:

    I too, just emailed off an idea I had to the Davison INVENTEGRATION & then read these articles. After that I emailed my idea straight to the company that I had the idea for (as back up). This company should be investigated by the FTC & followed by a class action suit against them. Is there no one interested in bringing them down?


  136. cheznath says:

    Thank you for posting this. I was interested in submiting my invention to Davison or Invent-tech. Glad I read this before making a big mistake 😉


    • Thank you so much for your feedback,because I just had my first couple of appointments with this so called company and was just about to pay 700 dlrs and I decided to do some reaserch first.I dont believe this.Anyway did you get your product out to the market.If so what company did you use.Thanks Again!


      • I haven’t gotten it out to the market, because a similar product was launched since then by a major company in that field. And yes, I wouldn’t recommend Davison, there are other, trustworthy companies, just read through the comments posted by others and you’ll see.


        • says:

          I have a concern that needs investigation. I dealt with Davison on an idea of mine in 2007 and they thought my idea was great. They also asked how I came about the idea which I explained and they then asked for the money. $15000 in total.

          When I explained that I didn’t have money he then asked if that was the best idea I had and explained that most of the people he talks to give him a lesser idea/invention, so to speak, to test the water and not reveal the true invention.

          I explained that the reason I called them and disclosed my idea was that I had been led to believe, after viewing their website, that they would work with me as I had no money at all to get my idea to marked.

          I have since noticed that in 2010 my idea has been registered by an inventor in Florida. I am extremely suspicious that my idea was either sold or given to an associate, to register and claim that he is in fact the true inventor.

          Maybe if you didn’t chase the idea or give up your money, within a certain time, knowing you are broke, they will just register the idea anyway.

          United Kingdom


  137. mark says:

    Everyone should read the story “”
    “inside invention land ” author Kerry A dolan


  138. Jerry says:

    I have already invested money with Davison. I would like to proceed with the creation and patent of my invention, however I really don’t know how to proceed. Does anyone have an idea of how to proceed or a legitimate company to approach with it?


  139. Tasha says:

    Okay. So if Davison is illegitimate does anyone know of a more reputable source(s) for getting an idea to the market?


  140. Felicia Webber says:

    I also had a bad experience with Davison Inventegration. I received an e-mail asking me for invention ideas, so I submitted my idea. I then received a call from a representative, who was very nice and eager to work with me until I told him that I did not have the $685 initial fee for researching the product. When I told the representative that I was not aware that this project would cost this much and that I wasn’t prepared to pay this amount at this time, he became very ugly with me on the phone and ended up telling me that they wouldn’t lose any sleep whether I went ahead with my invention or not. He ended by telling me not to call the company anymore. I am so glad I had this conversation before I was foolish enough to start filtering them my hard-earned money. This company is a scam and I hope others do research before giving them your money.


  141. Jackie Brown says:

    I have been in contact with Davison Inventegration about an idea I have, but haven’t signed an agreement or sent any money to them. I am researching them first,and appreciate the honesty about this co. being a scam, and ripping people off. Thank you, Jackie


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