Dania Beach

When we lived in Florida, we’d often choose to drive over to Dania Beach, because it was much less crowded than Hollywood or Ft. Lauderdale Beach. Sometimes you’d barely see someone else there and we loved that sort of quiet isolation. We’d set up our blanket and enjoy the sound of the gentle waves lapping the shore, the tropical breeze blowing through the palm fronds and mangrove leaves, punctuated by the occasional pelican calls or seagull caws. Sometimes we’d go there in the evenings and walk along the ocean shore, cooled by gusts of night wind coming in from the deeper waters.

Here is a gallery of 41 photographs I’ve taken there at various times. I included some images from the nearby Intracostal Waterway, too. I had many more of these photographs, but I experienced some data loss in recent years. Enjoy the ones I’ve still got! 🙂


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