My camera gear and list of reviews

Here is a list of the equipment I use:

 Canon 7D: I use this for field photography and as a backup HDSLR in our studio; you can buy it here if you want it. It’s a really good camera and it’s very sturdy. I once dropped it, with the 24-105mm lens attached, onto a concrete floor, from a height of about 1.6 meters, and both the camera and the lens were just fine — didn’t even get scratched. I love how sturdy it is, and I love its 8 fps burst rate, which is great when I want to capture candid moments.

 Canon 60D: I use this as my main HDSLR in our studio, to film episodes of Ligia’s Kitchen and Romania Through Their Eyes; you can buy it here if you want it. It’s a great camera for filming, because it doesn’t overheat when used a lot and the flippable, adjustable screen makes it easy to film from unusual angles.

Canon 5D: I have a 1st gen 5D, but you might want to buy the 5D Mark III. I use my 5D mainly for studio photography. Because its rendering algorithms are from 2005, color reproduction and noise reduction just aren’t as good as in the Mark II or Mark III models. In the studio, where I control the conditions, it’s still a great camera and the full-frame sensor gives my photos an extra element of three-dimensionality.

 Olympus E-PL1: it’s great for travel and for casual event photography. It’s small, discreet and it’s a good camera with a sturdy body. Because the E-PL1 is an older camera, I recommend you get the awesome OM-D E-M5 instead.

Fujifilm FinePix HS10: I got this because I wanted a super-zoom which could also record 1080p HD video and would work with standard AA batteries. If you’re interested in a super-zoom, I recommend you get the HS30EXR, which is a newer and better camera than the HS10.

If you’d like to see all of the cameras that I’ve had and used over time, then you’re invited to browse through this comprehensive list.

Below is a list of reviews of various DSLRs, digital cameras or analog cameras that I have used or looked at closely, listed in descending chronological order:

Here is a list of lenses I’ve used and reviewed: