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I’ve been using WordPress since 2004 and I love it! It’s a platform that just works, that can scale (with the right back-end setup) and is easy to use and easy to love. Of course, most blogs and websites run on WordPress these days, so my recommendation isn’t going to be a surprise to anyone, but just in case you’re on the fence about it, give it a try. I started out by self-hosting my WP websites (you can download the platform from WordPress.org, but in 2010, after several years of doing that, I moved the two sites with higher traffic levels to WordPress.com, where I don’t have to worry about any back-end stuff. My websites will never go down, no matter how much traffic they get. It’s wonderful!

I use and recommend WordPress, Jetpack (for useful backend options such as site protection and backups) and WooCommerce (for our online store). Together, this product offering from WordPress has proven reliable, scalable and user-friendly for over a decade of serious usage.

Backblaze Online Backup

I love the speed of Backblaze and I love the small size and footprint of its application. This backup service does what it promises and it does it well, without constantly reminding you how great it is, like certain other services. And when I want to restore files that I’ve backed up, they even have a downloader that can start multiple threads, so I can max out my bandwidth and get my files faster. You can read more about my experience with Backblaze in this post. If you’re interested, you can sign up here.

Olympus Digital Equipment

I’ve been using Olympus Cameras since 2003. Ever since then, they have not stopped innovating and coming with interesting new cameras that are better in lots of ways than their competitors. Their approach to photo gear has been to make it lighter, smaller and more performant, and they have achieved that. Their cameras are small, light, well-built, the lenses are very light and offer high-quality optics, and the images produced by the cameras are sharp, have great colors and are easy to edit. Working with these cameras for hours on end, in the studio or outside, feels like I’m cheating in some way, because they’re so light and so responsive compared to other cameras I’ve used.

Olympus cameras are in a class of their own and they deserve to be known and used by more people. I invite you to see the photos I’ve taken with Olympus Cameras here and on my Flickr stream, and if you’re interested in purchasing Olympus equipment, then go to my Amazon Influencer page, where I’ve listed all of the gear I like, and pick and choose what you want from there. If you have any questions, you can send me a message and I’ll try to answer it here on the site, for the benefit of everyone.

I’ve been using Drobo units to store and protect my data since 2007. I have owned the original USB Drobo and the 2nd gen USB/Firewire Drobo and now I use the Drobo 5D and two Drobo 5N units for my photography and filmmaking workflow. Yes, there were some problems along the way, but I love how easy it is to use a Drobo and how fun it is to grow its storage capability. I can also recommend their support and DroboCare, because I’ve had extensive communication with them at times. They’re courteous and helpful and are willing to ship replacement units wherever in the world you may be. I plan on using my Drobos to their utmost and on upgrading to newer models as they become available.


Give this Amazon link a click if you’d like to do some shopping, you will help support my website. Also check out my Amazon Influencer page, where I recommend specific photography gear. When you’re in the mood for some on-demand TV, try Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Video

B&H Photo and Video

If you’re into photography and filmmaking, then you already know about B&H Photo. If you’re just getting started, then that’s the place to go.

Acorns - invest the change

I save and invest with Acorns. It’s simple and automatic. Try it out.

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