Monsanto attorney returns to FDA helm

One of the things I feel strongly about is the hijacking of our food supply by biotech companies, and I’ve written about it time and time again. I consider it a crime against humanity, on a global scale, to take away a seed’s ability to germinate in its future generations, and to turn farmers into biotech company serfs, forced to buy their seeds from the same source, year after year, because they have no alternative. It’s also wrong because when you concentrate all of the heritage seeds of certain important plant species in the hands of a single distributor, that’s a single point of failure and you’re begging for a food chain disaster.

Peas in a pod

Yet that’s exactly what a handful of biotech companies have done over the past few decades. They’ve taken over most of our food supply, and they’re holding it for ransom. And to make sure their interests are protected, they’ve infiltrated the highest levels of the US government with their own men and women, people who make sure the legislation that gets passed is either favorable or neutral to these companies.

One such disappointing example has just occurred during the media frenzy over the death of Michael Jackson. During those hectic few days, the Obama administration appointed an ex-Monsanto lawyer, Michael Taylor, as senior adviser to FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg. Michael Taylor is the same person that during the Bush administration wrote the FDA regulations that eliminated the need to post warning labels on milk cartons containing genetically-engineered milk. Now, here he is, back at work in the FDA, making sure biotech interests are protected. I don’t know the man, but his track record speaks for itself, and it doesn’t bode well for the future of our food.

I thought Obama was going to be different. That’s why I voted for him. I guess my wife and I, along with many others, were fooled by the cheery facade put up over the same old shack. I do wonder how long it’ll take for the rest of the folks out there to figure this out though. Because it is important that we get things right — it’s important for the future of the US. We can’t let it get railroaded by special interests who want to milk the status quo for all its worth.

You can read this NotMilk newsletter or this article in the St. Louis Business Journal for the details on Michael Taylor’s appointment.