Details on film

Here are several details captured on 35mm film. I love how film is readily nostalgic whereas digital photographs have to be edited heavily in order to make them so. I think what that says about digital sensors is that there's plenty of work still to be done to them. Because to me, unless I feel [...]

A few details

Here are a few macro photographs taken around my office a few years back. You'll see a pair of jeans in one of the photographs. I used to love those jeans; they were the most comfortable pair of jeans I ever owned; and they were made by Donna Karan.

Details of things in our home

You know how you get an urge every once in a while to grab your macro lens and go nuts photographing things? Well, this was one of those evenings when the macro bug bit me. It's stuff I found in our home, way back in 2006. Enjoy!

A fallen feather

How often do we find a fallen feather on the ground and we take it for granted? We tend to forget the miracles that occur around us daily, flight being one such grand miracle of life, enabled by a little thing like this. The birds we seldom notice, unless they muck up our freshly washed [...]

The mole cricket – with better video

Back in May, I wrote about the mole cricket -- one of the pests that we have to deal with in our garden -- and I posted a short video clip. Last week, I had the chance to shoot footage of another mole cricket that my wife caught in our garden, and this time I [...]

Flowers, upclose and personal

Over the course of a few days, I recorded macro footage of flowers, then picked the best sequences, edited them and set them to a nice, soothing soundtrack. The end result is this -- a short video that should get you nice and relaxed. It goes along nicely with my video of garden insects, also [...]

In the garden – video

This morning, I took my trusty Olympus C-770UZ into our garden here in Romania and shot some video footage in super macro mode. I love the bokeh I get that way, and how close I can get to things. I found an iridescent beetle sunning itself on some parsley leaves, a butterfly resting on some [...]

A few free mobile phone wallpapers

A while back, I created wallpapers for one of my cellphones whose screen was 130x130 pixels. They're cropped and compressed nicely, and they're from my own photo catalog. Feel free to download and use them on your own mobile phones, but remember, they're only for personal, not commercial use. In other words, please respect my [...]