Site Overview

Welcome! I’m glad you’re here — stick around!

There’s a lot of content on my site, which makes it difficult at times to find particular articles. I put together this section to help make that task easier for you.

First, you may want to have a look at the About and Guidelines pages.


The easiest thing to do is to search for something. It’s quite likely, given the volume of my content, that I’ve written about it. Go ahead, give it a try.

Browse by category

You can browse my content by categories, as you see below. I’ve gone to great lengths to re-organize all of my content so that it’s all neatly tagged and categorized.

  1. Thoughts: this is where I share my thoughts on various interesting subjects.
  2. Reviews: this is where I put together detailed reviews of various products I like or work with.
  3. Lists: collections of cool gadgets, interesting articles, videos and useful resources.
  4. Places: descriptions and photos from various places I visit. For the full list of photos from those places, make sure to bookmark my online photo catalog, where you can purchase prints or license photos.
  5. How To: useful and self-explanatory articles where I show you how to (or how not to) do various things.
  6. Events: my impressions after being part of certain events or happenings.
  7. Ideas: I like to share some of my better ideas with the world, in the hope that they would help improve our lives.
  8. Podcasts: infrequently published audio recordings where I talk about certain subjects.

Browse the reviews via lists

My reviews happen to be some of my most popular articles, so what I did was to organize them by subject, as you can see below. Just click on the sort of reviews you’re interested in reading, and you’ll be taken to a handy list of articles I’ve manually assembled for you.