I’ve had an unexplainable passion for photography since the mid 1990s. It’s a hunger that can only be satisfied bit by bit, with the press of the shutter button and the unmistakable sound of the mechanical shutter of a camera. I started out shooting on film and now I am (mostly) a digital photographer. There are more details about this here, here and here, but I’d rather show you my work instead of talking about it.

I’ve maintained my photography portfolio on other websites until now (see this or this), and I’ve only recently (in January 2020) decided to feature it here as well. It is odd that on my almost 20-year old website, I’ve only published my photographs in separate posts and galleries here, instead of maintaining and updating an integrated portfolio from the start, but I am now working on correcting that. So, this section of my site is a work in progress; the list of galleries you see below will change in the coming months, as I take the time to sort through my offline catalog of photographs (almost 300,000 of them).

Here are selections from my photographs, grouped into various categories. You can also have a look at my photo gear if you’d like.

You can also license my images and purchase prints right here.