Commissioned work

Raoul Pop
Raoul Pop

You can commission me to photograph products, food and locations (restaurants, hotels, businesses), or for portraiture. Please be advised, I don’t photograph weddings or parties. The terms of my commercial photography licenses usually apply but we can arrange the particulars when we talk about the work that I will do.

For product photography or portraits, you can come to me or I can come to you, in which case there will be additional costs for travel, lodging and food (this part also applies to my location work). Unless I am to do some food photography at your hotel or restaurant, it would probably be best for you to send me the product that needs to be photographed. When it comes to food photography, there are two important components that have to come together in order to obtain stunning results: a talented chef has to prepare and plate the food for the specific purpose of photographing it, and then I come in and do my part as a photographer. Just like a hair and makeup artist can do wonders with someone’s look for a photo session, a food plating chef can transform a regular menu into a spectacular one, so I highly recommend that you to hire an expert for that part of the job. There’s only so much I can do with lighting, composition and retouching if the food’s just put on the plate.

My photographs have been featured in ten printed books and one e-book, so far. In print, I am best known for my food photography. You can see my work in the books listed here. There are sample photographs in the gallery below. I also invite you to browse through my portfolio and the posts published here on my website (most of them contain at least one, if not more of my photographs), and to look through my Flickr photo stream and my profile at MyOlympus. I prefer to let the quality of my work speak for itself. And if you’re not familiar with my other qualifications, then I definitely recommend you read through my about page.

You can license images and purchase prints directly from my profile at Picfair. I’ve also uploaded a number of my photographs to Alamy. You may find what you need there and get it directly from them in minutes, no fuss, no muss.

When you’re ready to get in touch with me, use my contact page and we can arrange the details. I believe we both need to be comfortable with each other as we discuss the work, and if we’re not, we shouldn’t do business.