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4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Dear Raoul,
    I would like your permission to use a couple of your photographs of the Antietam battlefield for use in an article I am writing dealing with changes on battlefields over the years.
    Full credit will be given.

    I did try to contact you via email but your server seems to be down?


    Graham J.Morris MA BA(Hons)


    • Sure, Graham, go ahead. I took a look at your website, very nice work! Not sure why email didn’t work. Did you try my Gmail account?


  2. reemas says:

    nice site and great photos. i’m a non professional photographer and im picking up a drobo after browsing the web and going through your site.

    two questions:
    1.) i’m not sure how the drobo system exactly works but would you recommend 2 1 TB drives or 3 500GB drives?

    2.) the drobo has been on the market for sometime, do you think it’ll see an update in the near future?

    thanks for the time. keep blogging!


    • Reemas, thanks for the kind words. You should check out the Drobolator tool, which lets you see how much usable space you get on the Drobo with drives of various sizes. I’d go for 2 x 1 TB drives. To answer your second question, Data Robotics (the folks that make the Drobo) launched two new products, Drobo S and DroboElite, just a few months ago. And half a year before that, they launched the DroboPro. And only a short while before that, they launched the 2nd Gen Drobo, which replaced the original USB-only Drobo. And they’re going to launch a new product in a few weeks as well. So they’ve been updating and upgrading their product line aggressively. Hope this helps you with your decision!


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