Recommended products and services

Acorns - invest the change

I save and invest with Acorns. It’s simple and automatic. Try it out.

Olympus Digital Equipment

I’ve been using Olympus Cameras since 2003. Since then, they have kept coming up with cameras that offer new and useful features. Their approach to photo gear has been to make it lighter, smaller and more performant.

The images produced by their cameras are sharp, colorful and easy to edit. Working with these cameras for hours on end isn’t taxing on the body, because they’re light and responsive.

I invite you to see the photos I’ve taken with these cameras here and here, and if you’re interested in purchasing some gear, then go to my Amazon page, where I’ve made gear lists you can choose from.

Backblaze Online Backup

I love the speed of Backblaze and I love the small size and footprint of its application. This backup service does what it promises and it does it well. And when I want to restore files that I’ve backed up, they even have a downloader that can start multiple threads, so I can max out my bandwidth and get my files faster. You can read more about my experience with Backblaze in this post. If you’re interested, you can sign up here.

B&H Photo and Video

If you’re into photography and filmmaking, then you already know about B&H Photo. I’ve been a customer for over a decade.