About me

Life is what we make of it. My aim is to make mine worth it. My name is Raoul Pop. I am an author, photographer, architectural conservator-restorer, entrepreneur, filmmaker and consultant. I am half Romanian, half Hungarian by birth and American by upbringing. I emigrated to the United States with my family in 1991 and grew [...]

Chasing RFI Waves

Back in 2005, I started writing what I’d planned to be a non-fiction book about NRAO (the National Radio Astronomy Observatory), based on visits, photos and interviews to this interesting place. My contact was Wesley Sizemore, NRAO’s public face and “Keeper of the Quiet”, a term which will make more sense to you once you [...]

The Potomac River and C&O Canal

My wife and I lived in Maryland for several years and one of our favorite places to visit was the Potomac River and its little brother, the C&O Canal. We traveled to various spots along the river, mostly on the Maryland side, hiking through the forest, trudging through the marshland, biking alongside the Canal and [...]

Commissioned work

You can commission me to photograph products, food and locations (restaurants, hotels, businesses), or for portraiture. Please be advised, I don't photograph weddings or parties. The terms of my commercial photography licenses usually apply but we can arrange the particulars when we talk about the work that I will do. For product photography or portraits, you can [...]

Today’s images

All of these photographs are over 12 years old and the theme is mostly Manhattan. Enjoy! Twilight, Grosvenor Park, North Bethesda, Maryland, USA.Still lifePhoto taken by LigiaBy the Public Library in Manhattan, NYCNew York City at night, from the top of the Empire State Building in Manhattan, NYC, USA.On the ferry near ManhattanNew YorkComing back [...]

An evening party

These are photographs taken at a recent evening party held by Christian Rummel at his place in Reichesdorf (Richis) here in Transilvania. Christian worked his way up from apprentice to craftsman and journeyman and is now a master carpenter working out of Reichesdorf. He is in demand all over Southern Transilvania. He was one of [...]

Today’s images

Five from the past and five from the present. Enjoy! A large green lizard holds onto the trunk of a palm tree, Hollywood, Florida, USA.Walt Disney World, back in 2006Downtown Gettysburg, PA, USA.Male bee in flight, Grosvenor Park, North Bethesda, Maryland, USA.

Today’s images

This post may be the first in a series of daily image galleries published here on my site. They're going to be either recent images or early ones, culled from my archives, though they're more likely to be recent ones. The name of the series may change. Enjoy the photographs! Venice, ItalyNighttime above a street [...]