My vision for Transilvania

What follows here is a subjective, ideal scenario for my native region of the world, so if it doesn't sit well with you, read this first sentence again. I was born in a Saxon town in Transilvania called Medwesch. Its name in Romanian is Mediaș and in German, it's Mediasch. However, its name originates from [...]

A spring outing to the forest

There's a forest near the village of Pelișor (where we're restoring the fortified church and parochial house through our NGO) that we love to visit. It's the same forest where I took these other photos. It's a welcoming place with lovely trees, mostly oak and beech, where we can walk undisturbed or sit down and [...]

Spring fog

We had some lovely fog during this week. Dreamy but driveable, as I call it: enough visibility on the road to see where you were going, with enough atmosphere to make everything seem otherworldly. As I'm wont to do, I gallivanted through the local forests with my camera, enjoying myself. I couldn't do it too [...]

A walk in the forest

I took these photos about 5½ years ago on a walk at the Audubon Naturalist Society in Chevy Chase, MD. They have such lovely fall foliage in their forest. As I edited the photos for the website, it brought back some fond memories of some of my first years together with my lovely wife. This [...]

Fall colors in Rock Creek Park

These are photos from a wonderful walk we took in Rock Creek Park (on the Maryland side) in the fall of 2006. It was a beautiful autumn day, the light was wonderful, and the fall foliage was a delightful sight. This is the oldest tree in Maryland. It's an oak that dates back to even [...]

Summer scenes from Grosvenor Park

For the past several years, we've lived in a beautiful community in North Bethesda, MD, called Grosvenor Park. The community was built inside a forest that stretches from Bethesda to Rockville. This is a video recorded in that forest, on the shore of a brook that makes its way through the community, in the summer [...]