On bad behaviors in public

I've written time and again here on my site about my repulsion for people who disturb the peace and about products that enable them to do it. I think most of today's governments are, in general, much too lax on their stance on this, and it's the kind of thing that should not be tolerated [...]

Excessive bass is the bane of modern music

bass boost sucks

In much the same way that too much sugar will give you diabetes and too many calories will make you fat, bass-boosted music ends up being a hollow, crappy experience that will make you deaf and piss off your neighbors. And hopefully, it will also bring you lots of fines for noise violations, fines which [...]

Let the punishment fit the crime

Our penal system is ailing and I'd like to propose a fix. I think a lot of the time, we're punishing people for the wrong crimes and we're filling up our prisons with people who'd be better off serving our communities rather than sitting around at taxpayers' expense all day long. For starters, I'd legalize all drugs [...]

The prohibition and Key Largo

In the 1948 movie "Key Largo", starring Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall and Edward G. Robinson, and one of the phrases in the movie got me thinking. Rocco (Robinson's character), terrified by the hurricane, commands one of his gangsters to start talking, to say anything. The gangster, Curly, starts talking about the prohibition. Here's what he [...]

Hot teachers and sex with students

Three more female teachers have been jailed after it was discovered that they had sex with students in Tampa, FL. MSN has a video report on this. Plus, if you do a search on MSN Live, you'll get plenty of search results summarizing recent news stories about similar events. What bothers me about these reports [...]

The new water projects bill, S. 728

Senate will soon consider S. 728, a new bill that encourages massive spending for real estate development in wetland areas which are low-lying and prone to hurricane damage, like the areas that got hit the hardest in New Orleans. Senators Russ Feingold and John McCain are considering putting forth amendments to the bill that would [...]

Part 3 of the RIP Act coming soon for the UK

The UK Home Office has decided to put through the 3rd part of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act. Originally introduced in 2000, the first two parts have already been implemented. This particular part would introduce penalties of up to 2 years in jail for companies or individuals who wouldn't disclose their encryption keys at [...]

Congress readies new digital copyright bill

I find this unbelievable, yet Congress seems poised to pass another revision of the DMCA, expanding the reach of this already-controversial bill. It only goes to show the power that special-interest groups have in Washington. For example, under this new law, if Sony's rootkit malware were removed by anti-virus software, Sony would have the right [...]

Bush says seeking line-item veto power

Just stumbled onto this article on Reuters.com. I actually agree with Bush on this one... this is pretty cool! Yes, it can be used for both good and bad, but I for one am fed up with politicians tacking endless special-interest riders onto bills, especially when they have nothing whatsoever to do with the content [...]