Rampant piracy in Romania

Not sure if you know this, but Romania is a virtual no man's land when it comes to movies, books and music. Romanians often get to watch movies before they're in theaters in the US, and there's a large loophole in Romanian copyright law that makes it nearly impossible to prosecute those who break the [...]

Emperor Trajan was a “real American”

As I think upon the wars and conflicts of recent times (Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Syria), and the reasons for their occurrence, I'm reminded of Romania's past, and its conquest by a newly elected Roman emperor by the name of Trajan. If the picture isn't clear to you by already, let's connect the dots. Back then, [...]

The story of one cellphone theft

My mother's mobile phone got stolen on Friday (12/11/09). She visited her bank, made a transaction at the counter, left her cellphone there by mistake, went out to the car, realized it was missing, came back to get it, but it was gone. In spite of asking everyone around for help, and even though the [...]

Condensed knowledge for 2008-03-26

iPhone Accessories - The My Touch keys turns you iPhone into a tactile gadget http://tinyurl.com/38rps4 # NSA's Domestic Spying http://tinyurl.com/22r6xq # USB Gadgets - The Evergreen USB Caterpillar Hub http://tinyurl.com/2q9e66 # What Happened to Wartime Sacrifice? (Interesting point of view) http://tinyurl.com/2vfqmv # The most powerful sporting rifle in the world http://tinyurl.com/2zld45 # JoT 1087, Alternatives [...]

Condensed knowledge for 2008-03-07

16 Bit Versus 8 Bit Mode http://tinyurl.com/2snass # Is Silverlight 2 catching up with Flash? http://tinyurl.com/362kcc # BlueArc's Titan is Flexing Petabytes http://tinyurl.com/3a357r # About a company that really knows how to leave a mess http://tinyurl.com/3cxwhn # California court threatens homeschoolers http://tinyurl.com/3abrco # Ziff Davis Media Files For Bankruptcy Protection http://tinyurl.com/28eocr # Where a Dollar [...]

How many of my photos were stolen?

For the moment, this is a rhetorical question. I've been re-thinking the way I publish my photos online in view of the recent and very prominent theft of Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir's photos from Flickr. Call me naive, but I really believed, and still would like to believe, that people will wish to stay legal and pay [...]

Condensed knowledge for 2007-05-14

Today's calorie-free serving: Clive Thompson from the NYT has a detailed write-up of what's involved if small bands want to get their name out there these days. The almost-requisite MySpace page is a given... But while the web makes it easy for them to get their names out there, keeping up with the fans becomes [...]

USPS Priority Mail is anything but that

Recently mailed a package with Priority Mail, and it didn't arrive at its destination on time. All the USPS website would tell me is that the shipping info was received. When I called them 7 days later -- remember, Priority Mail is supposed to be a 2-3 day delivery -- I told them I had [...]

Mechanical locks on the way out?

At least their current iterations, anyway. Turns out a $1 bumpkey - a key whose every notch was cut to its lowest setting can easily open any lock of a given brand. (You need a bumpkey for each brand/kind of lock). Basically, this bumpkey then becomes the master key for all of the locks that [...]

Caveat Emptor: Global Internet Solutions (GISol)

➡ Updated 11/4/2008: See FOX News expose GISOL for the crooks they really are, and watch the two people behind the scam literally run from the camera. Watch the video on YouTube or below, and read the post, as well as the numerous comments here or on this post (over 300 comments in total). My [...]