Italian road trip – Day 6 – Rome

Day 5 ended with us exhausted, crashing onto our beds and having a sound night's sleep after a paradoxical search for a hotel with available rooms in what is one of the largest cities in the world with plenty of hotels. But that's how things were that night. We woke up to a beautiful day [...]

Emperor Trajan was a “real American”

As I think upon the wars and conflicts of recent times (Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Syria), and the reasons for their occurrence, I'm reminded of Romania's past, and its conquest by a newly elected Roman emperor by the name of Trajan. If the picture isn't clear to you by already, let's connect the dots. Back then, [...]

Biking on the Via Appia (part 2)

This is a two-part article. Here's Part 1. While in Rome, my brother kept dangling this promise of taking our bicycles out to Via Appia and making a day trip out of it. I wanted to see it because the Via Appia was the most important Roman road of its time. Roman bases, villas and [...]

Photos from Rome

In March of 1999 I visited Rome. It was my first trip to Italy and I had a wonderful time. I stayed with my brother, who at the time was on a 3-year fellowship there to do research. He studies myths and religions and does comparisons between deities in various cultures. He also collects folklore: [...]

Collosseum at night

At some point, I've got to photograph the Collosseum during the day, but I have a feeling it's not going to look nearly as dramatic as it does at night. This was back in '99, during some heavy renovations. I couldn't get in to see it from the inside.

Clasically overdone

I was wondering around Rome in the spring of '99, it was getting late, and I came across this big intersection with a huge, classically-styled building dominating the view. I'm pretty bad with names, but I think it was Piazza Vittoria. It looks like the building is still in use.