Christoph Rehage's China hike

Christoph Rehage walked through China for a year, on foot, while letting his hair and beard grow. The total distance walked was 4,646 km. He took photos of himself along the way, then put them together in a wonderful time lapse video which you can see below. He also kept a travel log, which he's [...]

Photos from Beach Drive

Beach Drive is a picturesque road that winds its way through Rock Creek Park in Washington, DC and the surrounding suburbs. Although called by different names along its various portions, it starts at the base of the Lincoln Monument as Rock Creek Parkway, NW, and ends somewhere in Rockville, MD, possibly at the end of [...]

A weekend down in Florida

Ligia and I took a mini-vacation this past weekend and flew down to Florida to see my parents. You might remember it as the place where I feel most at home here in the States. We left our cozy little apartment last Friday morning, and in a couple of hours, thanks to the amazing convenience [...]

My favorite pair of casual shoes

I've been wearing a new pair of Keen shoes for the past few weeks, and I love them. If they haven't got the showroom look in my photos, it's because they haven't been sitting in the closet. I spotted them at L.L.Bean and couldn't resist the design. They looked so comfortable and cool, up there [...]

The shit days of spring

I am pleased to announce that the shit days of spring are approaching their malodorous end. If you happen to live in non-temperate climates, you may not be accustomed with this rite-of-passage period that takes place every year where I live. The shit days of spring are that time of the year when pig farmers [...]

Document your community through photos

Trevor Carpenter is running the "2008 Challenge", a project which is meant to encourage people to document their community through photos and to share them online. All it takes is to publish one photo per week (52 in total) to your site or to a photo sharing site. Check out Trevor's post for the details. [...]

Bethesda Flea Market

Friends of ours and we visited the Bethesda Flea Market recently. I forgot to take my 5D along, and used our little Kodak v610 compact. Still, I got some nice photos, and wanted to share them with you. I'd passed by the market many times, but never bothered to stop before. I'm glad our friends [...]

Walking at dusk

Sometimes, Ligia manages to pry me away from the computer long enough to take a walk around the neighborhood. Of course, I take my camera along. This is one of the photos I took this past Thursday, during one of our dusk walks. We live in North Bethesda, MD.


I was out walking with Ligia at dusk, and thought this opportunity too good to pass. A jet was leaving a perfect contrail behind it, right above our heads. Taken in North Bethesda, MD.