Tightrope walker ad for The Economist

Brilliant ad for The Economist magazine, featuring a tightrope walker that begins his ascent from the sidewalk, and, by walking across interconnecting red ropes, reaches a place high above the city. The tagline is "Let your mind wander." All I can say is it's wonderfully done. Does anyone know who the rope walker is? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Esx57x7CtZoContinue reading Tightrope walker ad for The Economist

Walking at dusk

Sometimes, Ligia manages to pry me away from the computer long enough to take a walk around the neighborhood. Of course, I take my camera along. This is one of the photos I took this past Thursday, during one of our dusk walks. We live in North Bethesda, MD.


I was out walking with Ligia at dusk, and thought this opportunity too good to pass. A jet was leaving a perfect contrail behind it, right above our heads. Taken in North Bethesda, MD.