Photos from the US Capitol

Here are selected photos from the US Capitol, taken a few years ago. You’ll see me in one of the photos, recording the Christmas Train Show at the US Botanic Garden, and you’ll also see Ligia in one of the photos (see if you can spot her).

At the Vietnam Memorial

Here are photos taken at the Vietnam Memorial in DC, back in 2006. War is war. The photos say it all. Just have a look at the faces of the people who were visiting it at the time, and at the huge flock of crows flying around the grounds.

DC Cherry Blossoms in 2008

Here are selected photos from the 2008 Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC. They’re taken at various points around the Basin, which is where you’ll find the greatest number of cherry trees and conversely, the greatest concentration of people. The crowds were out in numbers that year!

Be sure to go through all the photos below. I picked them out of hundreds taken at the event. Enjoy!

Photos from the US Botanic Garden in DC

Should you find yourself in DC, the US Botanic Garden should be on your list of places to visit. It’s right next to the Capitol so if you want a break from the buildings and the politics, step inside to look at the flowers and the plants, they’ll make for a welcome change.

And if you should find yourself in DC during winter time and you have children, then you should definitely visit, because they put on quite the toy train show there, every winter. I even recorded a video of it for you, which you can see in this post.

Enjoy the photos, there are 50 of them below!

Washington DC at Christmas time

These are photos taken on an evening walk in DC, during Christmas time, back in 2006. They should bring back memories for some of you, and if they don’t, they’ll give you a good idea of what to expect if you visit our nation’s capital in December.

National Arboretum – Part 2

A little over four years after publishing the first series of photographs from the National Arboretum in Washington, DC, here’s part two, containing a mix of photos from the outside gardens and various enclosed ones, including the Bonsai Exhibit.

Selected photos from the set are highlighted below and you can find all of them by going through the gallery posted at the bottom. Enjoy!

Vignettes from DC

Try to guess where these photos were taken; some of the images might be readily recognizable to you if you’re from the DC area. If you’re wondering about the processing, they were captured on 35mm film with an Exakta EXA Ia camera, scanned in from the negatives and edited in Lightroom and Photoshop.

In the MINI

One stable element in our life through the past decade has been our 2003 MINI Cooper S. I placed the order for it in the closing months of 2002 and got it in March of 2003, exactly as I wanted it.

Although our life has undergone major changes in those years, and even though the MINI’s had more than its fair share of problems, we kept it. We even brought it over to Romania with us, and it sits in our courtyard right now, just waiting to be driven to some fun place, ready to eat up Transilvania’s twisty roads.

Our car’s seen a lot of ground during its almost 10-year existence. We plan to keep it around so it sees a lot more of this incredible blue world of ours. Even now, as we open its doors and get in, somehow the new car smell hasn’t gone away. The design (both exterior and interior) is still appealing to us. The engine still pulls like a fine horse and it still tears up the curves. And the fact that it’s been with us this long, through thick and thin, through incredible changes, has provided us with no small amount of comfort and it helped ease the transitions that took place in our lives. It’s a keeper.

I took these next few photos in the MINI, as we were driving around DC one winter day, a few years ago, with a 35mm film camera, an Exakta EXA Ia.

On 15th St NW in DC

A few days back, you got to see what 17th St NW looks like. Now you’ll see 15th St NW, which passes the White House on the other side of the Ellipse. Among the photos, you’ll the US Department of Commerce, the Willard Washington Hotel, the Boy Scout Memorial, the Pershing Memorial, the Department of the Treasury and other interesting sights. Be sure to view the full gallery at the end of the post, which contains 30 photos. I only posted a select few below.

At the Chevy Chase Village Circle

There are a couple of old churches at the Chevy Chase Village Circle, in the DC area. One is Presbyterian and the other is Catholic. Here are several photos I took of them, back in 2007.

On 17th St NW in DC

Here are a few photos taken on a DC street you may not know by name, but you may recognize once you see the photos (hint: it passes by the White House).

At the WWI Memorial in DC

In just a couple of years, we’ll be coming up on the 100th commemoration of the start of World War I. Whether you think of the 28th of June, 1914 or the 28th of July of that same year as its start, it was a war that left an indellible mark on Europe and on world history. Here are some photos taken at the WWI Memorial in Washington, DC.