At the Vietnam Memorial

Here are photos taken at the Vietnam Memorial in DC, back in 2006. War is war. The photos say it all. Just have a look at the faces of the people who were visiting it at the time, and at the huge flock of crows flying around the grounds.


One thought on “At the Vietnam Memorial

  1. I remember how controversial this Vietnam Memorial was when it was first proposed. “A black hole in the ground!” some critics said. But the memorial has become the most visited in Washington, DC, and I think now everyone agrees it is a very fitting memorial. I often think about the countless numbers of young men whose lives were snuffed out so early in so many wars. It really is a reminder of how many sacrifices others have made so that the rest of us could have “normal” lives. It also makes me a little angry that we sometimes go into wars too easily with goals too nebulous.


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