I took these photos a few weeks ago in our garden and didn’t get a chance to post them until now. The sour cherry trees were full of flowers, the lilac trees were sprouting leaves, the ladybugs had started to come out, the dandelions were in bloom (I love dandelions), the strawberries and tulips were blossoming as well, and a few more flowers whose names I don’t know were looking quite pretty. Enjoy!


More photos of spring blossoms


3 thoughts on “More photos of spring blossoms

  1. prieten49 says:

    Thanks for the pretty pictures. Our cherry blossoms here in Kushiro, Japan, are already five days late. Maybe today is the magic day! Even the dandelions are few and far between!


  2. beautiful! hm, i think…

    tell me, what area do you have there to look after ? and how much time does it take ? And how dodged-up are you (irrigation, lawn mowers, chainsaws,etc) ?
    I am trying to figure how much garden / land I could take with some part / full time job and be able to take care of it. I currently have around 100 square meters of mostly lawn garden which I find to be taking up pretty close to whole of my time.


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