The fortified church in Bazna

The village of Bazna ("Baaßen" in German and "Bázna" in Hungarian) is technically a commune comprised of three villages: Bazna, Boian and Velt. Settled by Saxons in the 13th century, the land was great not only for agriculture but also gave forth natural gas and springs of water containing salt and iodine. The fortified church … Continue reading The fortified church in Bazna

Italian road trip – Day 6 – Rome

Day 5 ended with us exhausted, crashing onto our beds and having a sound night's sleep after a paradoxical search for a hotel with available rooms in what is one of the largest cities in the world with plenty of hotels. But that's how things were that night. We woke up to a beautiful day … Continue reading Italian road trip – Day 6 – Rome

The fortified church in Sebes

This fortified church looked quite different when it was first built using the Romanesque style in the beginning of the 12th century AD. It was soon destroyed by the Tartar Invasion of 1241-1242. Afterward, the work progressed more slowly and in the Cistercian Gothic style which we see today. Parts of the older structure were … Continue reading The fortified church in Sebes

The fortified church in Moardas

There is a fortified church in the small village of Moardăș in Transilvania, also known as "Mardisch" in German and "Mardos" in Hungarian. A strange-sounding name in Romanian, Moardăș it seems has cuman origins and comes from the precursors of the Hungarians of today. The older name seems to have been Ardesch (as the Saxons … Continue reading The fortified church in Moardas

The Bolyai Castle

This castle with a rich history is now found in an advanced state of ruin in the out-of-the-way village of Buia ("Bell" in German, "Bólya" in Hungarian) in Transilvania, Romania. I took these photographs in 2009. I don't know how much of it still stands today, eight years later. The castle isn't big but it is … Continue reading The Bolyai Castle

The fortified church in Bahnea

This historic church is a bit harder to find. Bahnea ("Bachnen" in German, "Bonyha" in Hungarian) is a small village off the main roads, which you can only reach by driving on narrower county roads. The church itself is also hard to spot even when you're in the village, because it's hidden away behind the … Continue reading The fortified church in Bahnea

Sighisoara: on the beaten path

As opposed to these photos, the ones you'll see here are popular sights most tourists get to see (or not, depending on what they're looking at). Enjoy!