Matrei in Osttirol

Here is a large set of photographs from a visit to a little town in Austria called Matrei in Tyrol (Matrei im Osttirol). We visited it back in 2008 and stayed there for a few days, taking daytrips to various cities and places around the Hohe Tauern mountain range of the Central Eastern Alps. The [...]

More images from Sighisoara

These were taken in November of 2010, so let's say it was eight years ago or so. Things may look different now -- hopefully better, given how much tourism this little town gets each year. It was one of our typical jaunts through the medieval fortress, along its walls and back down the stairs toward [...]

Around the town in 2009

This is a gallery of photographs taken in and around Medias in the summer of 2009 (68 photos in total). As I look back on these photos, it's interesting to see how the town has changed and stayed the same during this time. It's definitely changed since 2006, when I took these other photos. Enjoy! [...]

Blue hour and snowfall!

This past Sunday morning, I woke up to a beautiful snowfall and luckily for me, about 10 minutes before the blue hour (which actually lasts less than an hour). I tiptoed down the stairs so I wouldn't wake up my wife and child, put some clothes and shoes on, and because it was snowing heavily, [...]

A walk through town before daybreak

To celebrate the acquisition of a new camera (well, the acquisition is new, the camera isn't), I took a pre-dawn walk through town. It was cold and somewhat rainy. Water got on my lens a couple of times and I'd forgotten to bring a lens cloth, so you'll see some weird light artifacts on some [...]

Upperville in the spring of 2005

Upperville is a quaint little town on Route 50 in Virginia, about 50 miles from DC. We visited it twice, once in 2004 and once more about a year later. We loved its historic church and library. The stone architecture and cobblestone courtyard had an immediate appeal to us, as the buildings seemed to have [...]

Old Town, Annapolis

About three years ago, we visited Annapolis, MD and walked through Old Town. While it was a bit hot during the early afternoon hours, it cooled off nicely toward the evening and we had a wonderful time walking about. I love it when towns make the effort to preserve their historic sections. Not only is [...]

Bethesda Flea Market

Friends of ours and we visited the Bethesda Flea Market recently. I forgot to take my 5D along, and used our little Kodak v610 compact. Still, I got some nice photos, and wanted to share them with you. I'd passed by the market many times, but never bothered to stop before. I'm glad our friends [...]

Romania, my country

Just got sent a PowerPoint show entitled Romania is my country. While I'm not enthralled with the music, the photos are fantastic, and that's why I'm sharing it. Enjoy it, there are some beautiful places in there, including Medias, my home town. (Thanks, Nick!)

The Virginia countryside

I posted a video Ligia and I took more than 2 years ago to YouTube. We shot it as we drove through the Virginia countryside, from our MINI. It's unusual because in it, you'll not only see what you normally expect to see in the country, such as roads, fields and towns, but you'll also [...]