Mac Pro line overdue for a hardware refresh

Because of the recent hardware failure on my MacBook Pro, I started to think about getting a new computer. Given my intensive computing needs, I naturally looked toward the Mac Pro, but I was disappointed to find that its specs are lagging behind the times. The differences between it and what other Apple computers offer [...]

Can the WD TV be networkable with firmware upgrade?

The WD TV can be placed on a network via an unofficial firmware upgrade available from B-RAD. The souped-up firmware apparently allows one to plug USB ethernet sticks (I've had one of those lying around in my desk drawer for years) into the WD TV and mounts its connected drive(s) onto the network -- among [...]

WD TV is better than Apple TV

WD has put a new device on the market, and it's called the WD TV HD Media Player. It's a small box that can connect to a TV via HDMI or Composite output cables, and can take most USB external hard drives as input (it should even read USB flash drives as long as they're [...]

Condensed knowledge for 2008-03-26

iPhone Accessories - The My Touch keys turns you iPhone into a tactile gadget # NSA's Domestic Spying # USB Gadgets - The Evergreen USB Caterpillar Hub # What Happened to Wartime Sacrifice? (Interesting point of view) # The most powerful sporting rifle in the world # JoT 1087, Alternatives [...]

Condensed knowledge for 2008-03-23

Ford Transit Connect Concept # Soft, Squeezable, Huggable Phone # Metamophing Computer Interfaces # Another Touchscreen Phone But Wait, This One Has A Surprise! # All Ears: 1943 # Terminal Tip: Safari 3.1 brings true one-window mode # Breakaway: Headphone Jack Manipulation # Tete-a-Tete: 1922 # Fake [...]

Condensed knowledge for 2008-03-19

Cool Mods - Make your own indestructable USB thumb drive # Armenia: The Epic Land # Melodyne studio pitch correction now able to break chords down for editing # Electrolux Inspiro intelligent oven - “auto-focus for chefs” # Wally announces new 'floating island' gigayacht: the WallyIsland # Hollywood Hopefuls: 1925 [...]

ChiliBox, the do-it-all machine

I'm pretty impressed with the specs for the ChiliBox. This little machine really seems to do it all, right out of the box, and for a very reasonable price. Given the proliferation of NAS devices these days, you wonder how much functionality you get out of them, and for some, it's not much. Well, the [...]