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Can the WD TV be networkable with firmware upgrade?

The WD TV can be placed on a network via an unofficial firmware upgrade available from B-RAD. The souped-up firmware apparently allows one to plug USB ethernet sticks (I’ve had one of those lying around in my desk drawer for years) into the WD TV and mounts its connected drive(s) onto the network — among other additional features.

I haven’t tried this yet. I found out about it from Tobias Schneble, a reader from Germany who emailed me after seeing my article on upgrading the WD TV to the new official firmware from WDC. Tobias tells me there’s a wiki site where detailed instructions are given.

Updated 4/5/09: I modified the post in accordance with the very helpful comment you see below, provided by the fellow who runs the B-RAD website. It turns out that hacking the WD TV to add it to a network and to enable other extra features is as easy as upgrading it with a normal firmware package. That’s great!


3 thoughts on “Can the WD TV be networkable with firmware upgrade?

  1. That’s an impressive FW update – be great if someone could also whip something up to make this auto play on power-on. That way you would be looking at an incredibly cheap and fairly robust Digital media player for digital signage and plasma LCD advertising etc.


  2. Hi Raoul,

    Checked this out after noticing the pingback…

    You are a bit confused about things.

    Optware is purely optional and is only for those wanting to install & use advanced applications, like bittorrent/http server/etc. Optware will require a little bit of Linux knowledge and you must be running WDLXTV for Optware to work.

    What you want is WDLXTV. WDLXTV is my custom WDTV firmware, which enables lots of usb ethernet adapters and mounting of shared network disks. There is NO Linux knowledge required really to use WDLXTV, if you have ever done an official firmware upgrade the process is identical.

    Any Wii ethernet adapter should be compatible.

    try wdtvforum for support and the wiki’s new page is


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