Identity theft and password security

A neat infographic that details how identity theft occurs and why password security fails when passwords aren't secure enough. If you've ever wondered why you're asked to choose both lowercase and uppercase letters in your password, know this: an eight-character lowercase password can be cracked in just two hours, but if you add just one [...]

Can the WD TV be networkable with firmware upgrade?

The WD TV can be placed on a network via an unofficial firmware upgrade available from B-RAD. The souped-up firmware apparently allows one to plug USB ethernet sticks (I've had one of those lying around in my desk drawer for years) into the WD TV and mounts its connected drive(s) onto the network -- among [...]

Condensed Knowledge – November 24, 2008

Shared from among my feed subscriptions: Boxee Releases Fix For Apple TV Update Turkey Dinner for Turkeys Fine & Dandy: 1912 One Year In A IT Project - Day 24 Your Grocer's Dairy Case Pretty on the inside doggy How to Modify Your Pet's Behavior Humongous Tunnel Boring Machines Who Can't Swim? BNP Database Leaked [...]