At the office

Here are a few photos of objects around my office, taken a few years ago. One of the photos has the exact date and time when it was taken written on it, but not in the typical way, where the camera imprints the text in the corner. I'll let you see it for yourselves. Enjoy! [...]

Four wishes for Lightroom

It's 2011, a new year, and it's likely that Adobe will put out a new version of Lightroom this year. With that in mind, it would be wonderful if the Lightroom team could implement the following features in the next minor or major version of LR: Find and Replace within metadata (details here) Faster navigation [...]

Where’s the SmugMug Publish Service for Lightroom?

I love the Flickr Publish Service in Lightroom 3, and would love to see SmugMug make their own. The only thing missing for the Flickr service is for it to know which photos I've exported and uploaded to Flickr before the service became available, in previous versions of Lightroom. I for example have either tagged [...]

Metadata: DNG vs RAW

Generally speaking, I prefer the Adobe DNG format over the proprietary RAW format given to me by a camera, because I like the fact that it's more or less future-proof. With a DNG file, the meta-data resides inside the file -- like with a JPG -- but the format is lossless, same as a RAW [...]

Condensed Knowledge – November 24, 2008

Shared from among my feed subscriptions: Boxee Releases Fix For Apple TV Update Turkey Dinner for Turkeys Fine & Dandy: 1912 One Year In A IT Project - Day 24 Your Grocer's Dairy Case Pretty on the inside doggy How to Modify Your Pet's Behavior Humongous Tunnel Boring Machines Who Can't Swim? BNP Database Leaked [...]