Where’s the SmugMug Publish Service for Lightroom?

I love the Flickr Publish Service in Lightroom 3, and would love to see SmugMug make their own.

The only thing missing for the Flickr service is for it to know which photos I’ve exported and uploaded to Flickr before the service became available, in previous versions of Lightroom. I for example have either tagged the photos uploaded to Flickr with, obviously enough, “Flickr”, or have added them to a Flickr collection in Lightroom, so I could easily find them.

Here’s where SmugMug has the chance to shine! I’d love to be able to publish my photos to SmugMug directly from Lightroom, using the Publish Services functionality, so I could always sync up any photos that I’ve re-developed or where I’ve updated the metadata. But for this service to really stand out, it needs to know which photos I’ve already uploaded.

You can see where this is going, right? I’ve already tagged all my SmugMug photos, and have already placed them in collection sets and collections that match my SmugMug categories breakdown exactly. With a little bit of computing power and some smart algorithms, the folks at SmugMug could put together a killer Publish Service for Lightroom that incorporates all the Flickr functionality and bests it by matching my already-uploaded photos.

What about the cost? The Flickr Publish Service is free to use for all Flickr users, but you cannot re-publish uploaded photos if you’ve changed them in Lightroom. (You can, but if you’re not a Pro, it’ll wipe out any comments and faves on the photo, so it’s not advisable.)

SmugMug could use a similar approach. Their Publish Service could be free for basic SmugMug users, with limited functionality, and it could offer full functionality to Power and Pro users. (I myself have the Pro membership.) I’d even be willing to pay a one-time fee to download and install the service, because I think the functionality would be amazing.


10 thoughts on “Where’s the SmugMug Publish Service for Lightroom?

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  2. just a thought…

    In smugmug, users can now select their “favorites” if the gallery is in an “event gallery”… wouldn’t it be great if that metadata was available to lightroom!!!??? similar to the way you can see comments in the flickr publish service…being able to “filter” clients favorites from smugmug would make my life soooooo much easier!!!!



  3. Another thumbs up for Jeffrey Friedl’s Lightroom plug-ins as I use both the Flickr and SmugMug plugins in LR3 and have used them from very early versions. The SmugMug version for LR3 is fantastic and maps directly to your gallery structure on SM and shows you which photos have been published and to where. The only minor criticism is you have to drill down to the galleries to see what has been published and I’d like to see a top level view of all photos I’ve published to SM, you can do this with the Flickr plugin by looking at the photostream level.


  4. You guys must really love that plugin! 🙂 I’m reading through its documentation now to see what I’m getting into. It sounds pretty good so far. When I looked at it previously (a few months ago) it just didn’t have all the stuff I wanted, but it sounds like Jeffrey’s put in a lot of hard work to bring it up to speed with Lightroom 3.


  5. Can I add another recommendation for Jeffrey Friedl’s Lightroom plug-ins. The Flickr one will give you the “what I’ve uploaded” functionality you are after. He also has a brilliant geotagging plug-in.


  6. PS. I personally prefer JF’s Flickr plug in to the native Flickr publishing option in Lightroom, which, when authenticated, allows Lightroom the option to delete photos on Flickr. Any plug in with that option just makes me nervous!


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