Analog LOL Cats

Laugh-Out-Loud Cats by Adam Koford is one of my favorite comic strips. It's about two hobo cats who love travel and minor mischief. Adam posts the hand-drawn comics on Flickr, where I've been subscribed to his stream for over a year. I hope you'll enjoy them as well!

Condensed Knowledge – November 24, 2008

Shared from among my feed subscriptions: Boxee Releases Fix For Apple TV Update Turkey Dinner for Turkeys Fine & Dandy: 1912 One Year In A IT Project - Day 24 Your Grocer's Dairy Case Pretty on the inside doggy How to Modify Your Pet's Behavior Humongous Tunnel Boring Machines Who Can't Swim? BNP Database Leaked [...]

Funny comics for sucky times

These "fun" times we're living in call for some cheering up. I'm subscribed to these following comics (listed in alphabetical order), and they put a smile on my face each and every day: Basic Instructions by Scott Meyer Geek and Poke by Oliver Widder Kawaii Not by Meghan Murphy What The Duck by Aaron Johnson [...]

What the Duck on watermarks

Aaron Johnson, the creator of What the Duck, has apparently seen this post of mine, where I talk about image theft. He's just sent me an email to let me know of today's WTD, which handles the issue of watermarks and image theft in that wonderful, funny way that I've come to love. Here's the [...]

Condensed knowledge for 2007-05-08

Here's the good stuff: XKCD put together a hilarious map of the online communities. 🙂 Steve Jobs published an open letter to Apple users outlining the progress Apple is making toward being a completely "green" company. From the looks of it, Apple is ahead of most other folks in the technology field. Then again, it [...]

Polishing a turd

This is why I love What The Duck. Aaron Johnson, the strip's creator, has an uncanny grasp of what's funny or ridiculous about photography, and knows just how to present it in a simple, three-cell strip. Any photographer out there, amateur or professional, can relate to the subject matter. When I discovered What The Duck, [...]

Oldies, but goodies

As news go, these are weeks, and even months-old, but they sure are good. Stumbled onto them in a folder full of bookmarks. Enjoy! Full of nostalgia for the 80's? Try Engadget, cca. 1985. Want to donate your old computer? Better wipe that drive first! The generational gap can be seen in the workplace, too. [...]