Hardware review: Drobo

➡ Updated 1/14/19: I have revised my opinion of Drobo devices. After experiencing multiple, serious data loss events on multiple Drobo models, even recent ones, I no longer consider them safe for my data. ➡ Updated 3/18/09: My review of the new Firewire Drobo is now published. You may want to have a look at [...]

Condensed knowledge for 2007-05-08

Here's the good stuff: XKCD put together a hilarious map of the online communities. 🙂 Steve Jobs published an open letter to Apple users outlining the progress Apple is making toward being a completely "green" company. From the looks of it, Apple is ahead of most other folks in the technology field. Then again, it [...]

Robot runs over water

Assistant professor Metin Sitti at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh developed a little robot that can run over water. The professor looked to nature for his inspiration, in particular to the basilisk lizard, which creates little air pockets as it slaps the water with its feet. He created both two-legged and four-legged robotic lizards that [...]