Installed and used the SimplePie RSS plugin

Installed and used the SimplePie RSS plugin for WP on my regular site at Its name is somewhat of a misnomer. It's neither simple, nor "easy as pie" to begin with. Sure, after you check the documentation carefully, a light goes on in your head and you realize how to use it, but there's [...]

Google Reader translates posts?

Yesterday morning, I added a new feed to my subscriptions in Google Reader, and noticed what I thought was a new feature: the ability to translate posts automatically, within GR. The feature was actually launched in November of last year, and it works through the normal drop-down menu. A new option was added there, and [...]

FriendFeed now supports RSS enclosures

See this post on FriendFeed, from 1/26/09, where Benjamin Golub from FriendFeed discusses the difference between media RSS and RSS enclosures. He mentions that they're working on a way to accommodate RSS enclosures in addition to media RSS tags. A day or so later, they pushed the upgrade to the live site, as he states [...]

Funny comics for sucky times

These "fun" times we're living in call for some cheering up. I'm subscribed to these following comics (listed in alphabetical order), and they put a smile on my face each and every day: Basic Instructions by Scott Meyer Geek and Poke by Oliver Widder Kawaii Not by Meghan Murphy What The Duck by Aaron Johnson [...]

Photos back in the site feed

A few weeks ago, I took my Flickr photos out of the site feed [reference]. Last night, I put them back in. Turns out taking them out cut their views by about 60-80%. That taught me two things: Showed me how few of the hundreds of people who've added me as a contact at Flickr [...]

Removing photos from my main feed

At least for now, I'm removing my Flickr feed from my main feed. If you are a feed subscriber, you've been able to see my Flickr photos appear as separate feed items in my main feed, thanks to a feature at FeedBurner that allows me to splice my site feed with my Flickr photos feed. [...]

Where are the Condensed Knowledge posts?

Good question. Some of you have gotten quite accustomed to those daily Condensed Knowledge posts, and they've gone AWOL since last week. On the other hand, others have told me they were distracting, and detracted from the substance of my site. I'd been giving the matter some thought myself, and in the end, sided with [...]