Are you really backing up your WP blog?

When those of us with self-hosted WordPress blogs back up our content using the built-in WXR functionality, do we ever check the downloaded XML file? Until recently, I didn't worry about it. I'd click on the Export button, copy the WXR file to a backup folder and think my blog was safe, but I was [...]

Catching a code injection hacker in the act

Several days ago, I installed the Redirection plugin from Urban Giraffe. It's truly awesome, in more ways than one. John Godley, you are an amazing programmer! As I re-arranged the categories on my blog, I tracked the 404 errors through the plugin. On Saturday morning, I noticed the following bit of information in my log: [...]

Book giveaway: Object-Oriented PHP, by Peter Lavin

Remember my last book giveaway? I meant to get around to this second one a little sooner, but life intervened. This time, I'm giving away "Object-Oriented PHP", by Peter Lavin. I reviewed this book back on August 30, 2006. It's been sitting in my library since then. It's still relevant, but more importantly, it's still [...]