Don’t fall prey to this Bitcoin phishing attack

We got the following email to our company's main mailbox yesterday. I took a screenshot of it, so you can click on it to view it large (see below). It certainly sounds ominous, and to the layperson, enough "details" are included in the message to make them start to worry and God forbid, even consider [...]

Catching a code injection hacker in the act

Several days ago, I installed the Redirection plugin from Urban Giraffe. It's truly awesome, in more ways than one. John Godley, you are an amazing programmer! As I re-arranged the categories on my blog, I tracked the 404 errors through the plugin. On Saturday morning, I noticed the following bit of information in my log: [...]

Photos as passwords foil hackers

I can't believe how simple, yet incredibly useful this is! Instead of using silly passwords, with even sillier password rules that give you headaches, just use this! Choose a familiar picture as the password, have the system pixelate the heck out of it, then pick it out from among a group of pixelated photos every [...]