Don’t fall prey to this Bitcoin phishing attack

We got the following email to our company's main mailbox yesterday. I took a screenshot of it, so you can click on it to view it large (see below). It certainly sounds ominous, and to the layperson, enough "details" are included in the message to make them start to worry and God forbid, even consider [...]

Bring back POP3 for Gmail, Apple

Due to some file corruption issues, I've recently had to re-install Snow Leopard on my MBP. Afterward, as I set up Mail, I found out there was no way to configure my Gmail account for POP3 access. IMAP was the only choice. I searched for this on the internet, and it's a confirmed "design" behavior [...]

What the Duck on watermarks

Aaron Johnson, the creator of What the Duck, has apparently seen this post of mine, where I talk about image theft. He's just sent me an email to let me know of today's WTD, which handles the issue of watermarks and image theft in that wonderful, funny way that I've come to love. Here's the [...]

Google to buy FeedBurner in next 2-3 weeks

I thought it odd that I got no reaction whatsoever from the FeedBurner folks when I compared their site stats service with Google Analytics back in April, and deemed FeedBurner superior. I keep in touch regularly with a couple of folks from FeedBurner, and when I write about them, I usually get a little note [...]

Google Apps for Your Domain gets going

In what I think is an astonishing twist, Google has turned their "private label" Gmail service offered about 6 months ago to companies and schools interested in the idea into Google Apps for Your Domain, an all-in-one solution that offers Gmail, Google Talk, Google Calendar and Google Pages for whatever domain you'd like. In typical [...]

Someone's reading your email at work

This is a bit of old news, but the NYT is running a story on how companies read their employees' email at work. The bottom line's worth repeating, because people just don't seem to learn: don't use work email for personal messages! I say this from experience. I've been an IT Director twice in my [...]

Nabaztag: the smart WiFi bunny from France

I've been playing with my Nabaztag bunny for the last few days, preparing to review it for the I Want That! Tech Toys show on HGTV, which launches this summer. It's a very cute little bunny with ears that can move. It's constantly connected to the Internet by WiFi, and you can program it to [...]

A cool new service: GotVoice

GotVoice is a new service that will check your voicemail for you, convert it to MP3 files, and email it to you. This is great, because I'd been looking for a way to archive important phone messages. Say someone calls you up and says they got married. Wouldn't want to have that archived, to play [...]