Google to buy FeedBurner in next 2-3 weeks

I thought it odd that I got no reaction whatsoever from the FeedBurner folks when I compared their site stats service with Google Analytics back in April, and deemed FeedBurner superior. I keep in touch regularly with a couple of folks from FeedBurner, and when I write about them, I usually get a little note by email or a comment on my post. But I got nothing this time. I thought, “Hmm, something’s gotta be up. What’s going on between FeedBurner and Google? Did I ruffle some feathers?” The complete silence was unusual. I could hear virtual crickets chirping away…

Fast forward about a month, and I find out this afternoon from Beta News that Google and FeedBurner are in acquisition talks. The quoted price is $100 million. It’s a sane price, not a make-believe one, like the one paid for Doubleclick or that other ad company that MS purchased (those prices were absolutely and ridiculously inflated). I actually believe FeedBurner brings much more value to the table than those two companies combined, so the $100 million is a real bargain. I hope for FeedBurner’s sake the price is more than that in the end.

Anyway, if this does turn out to be true, I’m happy for the FeedBurner folks, and wish them all the best. May they teach Google a thing or two about feed management and other such fun stuff. Cheers, guys! Thanks for the awesome service!


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