Google Apps for Your Domain gets going

In what I think is an astonishing twist, Google has turned their “private label” Gmail service offered about 6 months ago to companies and schools interested in the idea into Google Apps for Your Domain, an all-in-one solution that offers Gmail, Google Talk, Google Calendar and Google Pages for whatever domain you’d like. In typical Google fashion, they’ve also made it free! Now no one can complain that they can’t get their site going or email set up. All anyone needs is an internet connection and a domain name, and they’re set. Granted, the functionality of Google Pages isn’t quite full featured, but it’s plenty for the needs of most people.

All I can say is Wow, because I’m floored. It’ll take some time for this to sink in. Private label IM, free! Private label Gmail, free! Private label web calendaring, free! Wow!

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