Book giveaway: Java I/O, by Elliotte Rusty Harold

I’ve got a whole bunch of new computer books that I’ve reviewed, and I realized I’m not using most of them. But I know there are people out there who need them. So, I thought I’d hold a free book giveaway. That’s right, it’s FREE. But you will need to pick the shipping method and cover the shipping cost, which you can PayPal to me.

The rules

So, how does it work? It’s simple, really. I’m always looking for feedback and ideas on how to make my blog better. All you have to do to qualify is to leave a comment on this post telling me what you like and don’t like about ComeAcross. I’m looking for thoughtful, considerate feedback. You don’t have to write entire paragraphs, this isn’t an essay. Just get to the point in a few sentences or less.

All of the people who leave comments will be entered in the drawing that I’ll do this Saturday evening. I’ll announce the result at that time, or on Sunday morning. I’ll contact the winner via email to get his or her mailing address, and if they’ve got a site, I’ll link to their site in a post right here on ComeAcross. That reminds me: please don’t post your mailing addresses in the comments… I’ll contact you to ask for it if you’re the winner.

The prize

The book I’d like to give away is “Java I/O, 2nd Edition“, by Elliotte Rusty Harold. It retails at $33. You can read my review of it right here. As a matter of fact, I encourage you to read my review before you ask for the book, just so you know what you’ll be getting.

I’ll be waiting for your comments, and thanks! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Book giveaway: Java I/O, by Elliotte Rusty Harold

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  3. I’m going to close the comments to this post, since the deadline’s about to expire (it’s midnight Saturday my time). Since only Jeremy and Cosmin commented, I held a drawing by coin toss, and Jeremy won.

    Jeremy, send me your mailing address please, and I’ll get you the book. Thanks, and congratulations!


  4. Alright, thanks for the honesty, both Jeremy and Cosmin! It looks like neither of you like the funny videos. I’ve been wondering how many people liked them for some time… The thing is, they do drive traffic to the site, and on top of that, I like them. I like funny videos. I know the number can be overwhelming, but I only put seven videos in each post. I’ve got a significant backlog of saved videos that I’d like to publish, and if I post less, I’ll never get through my backlog.

    I honestly don’t mind if you don’t read through those posts. I realize they don’t appeal to everyone, and I don’t expect that every post on my blog appeals to every one of my readers. I stayed away on purpose from creating a niche blog that’s about a very specific subject. I wanted ComeAcross to be a place where I talk about very different subjects, where you never know what I’ll publish next. I realize that with time, there’s some regularity to the stuff I put out, and that I tend to stick to certain subjects, but at least I don’t feel like I’m compromising my content — I really do publish exactly what I want to publish, and that’s great. If I didn’t, given how much time I spend blogging each day, I’d start thinking of my blog as a drag on my schedule, as a millstone around my neck. It’s really important for me to feel that this is something I enjoy doing, or else it won’t be worth eating up my free time with it.

    At any rate, keep the comments coming!


  5. well, what has come out of your blogsite, personally, for me, has been constant inspiration — inspiration to research this blogging phenomenon in all its might. Adsense, webmastertools, google analytics, blogcritics, technorati, pingbacks, marketing, editorial skills, podcasting, are no longer “unknown terminology” and “things to aspire to”, for me. Thanks to your site, I’ve come to appreciate not only the beauty and complexity of designing and managing websites, but also that of what it takes to write a captivating article. But then again, it looks like this little awesome skill – writing – runs in your family, for your mother has also written a few nice articles that I got a while back.

    Now, back to your website: while indeed, a blogger ought to constantly write articles to improve the site’s visibility, and you’re doing that — alright–, I thought you might be diluting the content a tad bit by writing about not-so-captivating things such as jokes and silly videos. Yeah, I’m sure you’re drawing immense traffic from utube and the like but there might be a drawback in terms of viewership. Regardless, you’ve built a site that is an awesome statement and one that I’m sure you’re very proud of. Like you a year ago, I am now starting small too, with a little tek corner at blogging about technology trends and possible articles of interest such as hybrid cars, choosing smartphones, and other things that ought to be very exciting in the not distant future….

    cheers and all the best,


  6. Cool! I could actually use this.

    To be honest (you asked for feedback, right?) the humor videos are a bit much. Maybe one at a time, but not all in a single post. I don’t have a lot of time as it is, and when there’s that many videos, chances are very good that I won’t watch any of them.

    I love your photos though.


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