Book giveaway: Object-Oriented PHP, by Peter Lavin

Remember my last book giveaway? I meant to get around to this second one a little sooner, but life intervened. This time, I’m giving away “Object-Oriented PHP“, by Peter Lavin. I reviewed this book back on August 30, 2006. It’s been sitting in my library since then. It’s still relevant, but more importantly, it’s still unused. Retail cost for the book is $29.95.

Would you like to get it for free?

The rules

This time, I’m keeping things even simpler. To make sure there’s no confusion, here are my goals:

  • Increase my readership, ideally the number of people subscribed to my feed.
  • Give away these books. They’re just sitting on the shelf gathering dust right now, and that’s not what books are for.

What I want you to do to qualify is to tell two of your friends or contacts about my blog. Send them an email to let them know about it, and invite them to subscribe to my RSS feed. Then leave a comment on this post to let me know you did it. That’s it. I’ll use the honor system and trust you.

Late Friday afternoon, I’ll gather the names and pick one at random, then notify the winner by email. The winner will need to pay for the book to be shipped to his/her address. That’s all they’ll pay for, nothing else. The money can be sent via PayPal. If the winner has a website/blog, I’ll also link to it in an announcement on my blog.


4 thoughts on “Book giveaway: Object-Oriented PHP, by Peter Lavin

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  3. Thank you Trevor! It looks like you were the only one interested in this book, so you’re the winner! 🙂 I’ll contact you by email to get your mailing address.


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