The winner of the "Object-Oriented PHP" book drawing

Trevor Carpenter… is Trevor Carpenter! I announced the drawing on Tuesday, 9/25, and the deadline was the evening of Friday, 9/24. I’m going to mail the book to Trevor shortly.

Trevor has a few websites, and they’re all worth mentioning. First we have his personal site/blog, then his photoblog, called CamarilloWalk, his professional photography site, called Scribe Photography, and finally, Photowalking, a site dedicated to photowalks. Anyone interested in organizing such events can request an author account on the site and write about them there. The goal is to turn the site into the main place to check for group photowalking events in one’s local area. Pretty cool!


2 thoughts on “The winner of the "Object-Oriented PHP" book drawing

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  2. Thanks Raoul! I appreciate you promoting all my stuff.

    Since I blog with WordPress, which uses much PHP, this book will help me a bunch. Thanks again for the book.


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