Book giveaway: SUSE Linux by Chris Brown

I'm giving away "SUSE Linux" by Chris Brown, a book I reviewed here at ComeAcross. It's the first edition of the book, published in July, 2006, and it's about 430 pages. It covers pretty much everything you'd like to know about SUSE Linux. I encourage you to read my review to see if you're interested. [...]

The winner of the "Object-Oriented PHP" book drawing

... is Trevor Carpenter! I announced the drawing on Tuesday, 9/25, and the deadline was the evening of Friday, 9/24. I'm going to mail the book to Trevor shortly. Trevor has a few websites, and they're all worth mentioning. First we have his personal site/blog, then his photoblog, called CamarilloWalk, his professional photography site, called [...]

Book giveaway: Object-Oriented PHP, by Peter Lavin

Remember my last book giveaway? I meant to get around to this second one a little sooner, but life intervened. This time, I'm giving away "Object-Oriented PHP", by Peter Lavin. I reviewed this book back on August 30, 2006. It's been sitting in my library since then. It's still relevant, but more importantly, it's still [...]