The Beatrix Potter Collection (2008)

The Beatrix Potter Collection (3 DVD set) was just released for sale on 2/12. Ligia and I bought the set just a few days ago, and we're very happy that we did it. The series was done very well by the BBC. Each DVD contains three animated stories, and each story has a live action [...]

I miss Collier's Weekly

I know Collier's has been gone for a long time, but when I see stuff like this, or this or this, I can't help but love it. Maybe we should have more drawings in our magazines, and they should be done with the same classy style and atmosphere. Things are a bit too realistic nowadays. [...]

The winner of the "Java I/O" book drawing

A few days ago, I announced a free book giveaway. The book was Java I/O, 2nd Edition, by Elliotte Rusty Harold (my review). All you had to do to qualify was to leave a comment on that post with your thoughts about ComeAcross -- what you liked, what you didn't like. There were only two [...]

Book giveaway: Java I/O, by Elliotte Rusty Harold

I've got a whole bunch of new computer books that I've reviewed, and I realized I'm not using most of them. But I know there are people out there who need them. So, I thought I'd hold a free book giveaway. That's right, it's FREE. But you will need to pick the shipping method and [...]

Animation is hard work!

A wonderful video from the late 1930s, a newsreel, has been posted to YouTube. It depicts Fleischer studios in action, making a Popeye cartoon. In this age of computer animation, when things work differently, it's a real treat to see animators in action, drawing for a change. Golly, cartoons were sure hard to make! We, [...]

Chad's Design For Television (1960)

From A-HAA!: "Remember those matchbooks that said 'Draw Me!' on the front? They advertised a correspondence course called 'Famous Artists'. Everyone made fun of 'draw Binky the Skunk any size but the same size' - but the truth of the matter was that the Famous Artists Course was no laughing matter - it was one [...]