A visit to Las Vegas

Situated in the Mojave Desert, its Spanish name means "The Meadows" because of the wild grasses and desert springs originally found there. An oasis in an otherwise dry and unwelcoming place, it became known to Native Americans over 10,000 years ago. It was discovered by the modern world in 1829, when a young Mexican scout [...]

How to use a Drobo with the WD TV

The WD TV is my favorite media player (I think it's better than the Apple TV), and since I also love the Drobo, I wanted to combine the two and have the ultimate media entertainment center: a Drobo packed full of videos, photos and music, connected to a WD TV, which is connected to a [...]

Baltimore Aquarium’s Dolphin Show

During our last trip to Baltimore, we visited the Baltimore Aquarium and also attended their dolphin show, called "Play!". It lasts about a half hour or so and it's geared toward kids -- which means quite a bit of talk about dolphins and not so many jumps. If you expect a show packed with acrobatics and [...]

I miss Collier's Weekly

I know Collier's has been gone for a long time, but when I see stuff like this, or this or this, I can't help but love it. Maybe we should have more drawings in our magazines, and they should be done with the same classy style and atmosphere. Things are a bit too realistic nowadays. [...]

Happy New Year!

Things were quite busy at our home as the New Year arrived. I was working on my site, transferring the content over from ComeAcross and making sure the feeds were pointing the right away. That was my New Year's surprise, something that I'd planned to do for quite some time. I wanted to move all [...]

Music videos

This is the original Jerry C video. For those of you who don't know about it, he's a teenager from Taiwan who plays the guitar. It goes without saying that he's good, or else he wouldn't have gotten over 20 million views. Judging by his later videos, he favors rock pieces, but fortunately (for him) [...]

Night at the Museum (2006)

Ligia and I saw Night at the Museum (2006) last night, and we loved it. We knew we had to see it when we saw the trailer a few months ago. It looked like a really fun, enjoyable movie, and it sure was! I really like movies that don't get weird on me -- by [...]

Impressions from Walt Disney World – Part 3

This post is a continuation of my series on Walt Disney World. Lights, Motors, Action! is one of the shows at Disney MGM Studios. It runs only a few times a day, and it involves tightly coreographed action and stunt sequences with cars and motorcycles. The setup is that they're filming scenes for an upcoming [...]

ABC’s of Hand Tools

In 1946, Disney made an industrial short for General Motors called "ABC's of Hand Tools". While the whereabouts of that movie, which must have been entertaining, are unknown, the handbook is still with us. Cartoon Brew has the details in this post, along with a link to a PDF of that book. This is funny [...]