Baltimore Aquarium’s Dolphin Show

During our last trip to Baltimore, we visited the Baltimore Aquarium and also attended their dolphin show, called “Play!”. It lasts about a half hour or so and it’s geared toward kids — which means quite a bit of talk about dolphins and not so many jumps. If you expect a show packed with acrobatics and non-stop jumps, try the Miami Seaquarium.

I got a bit annoyed with the constant solicitation of applause for the simplest tricks.


4 thoughts on “Baltimore Aquarium’s Dolphin Show

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  3. vela says:

    why would u people be so mean capturing and trating them like a toy where people can see them and get money out of them


  4. Lauren says:

    It’s not just about impressing and entertaining the audience. That’s why they tlel you during the show that a missed high jump is all part of the learning process. The show is about teaching people how dolphins learn, and encouraging kids to be aware of marine conservation. The same theme continues throughout the whole aquarium. It’s a shame you don’t appreciate their work here because the people who care for these animals put as much time and money into it as the other aquariums.


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