Parking lot goose

This past spring, I took a few photos of the goose you see below. It had been resting in the middle of that parking lot for several days, driving away any other geese that wanted to be there as well. The odd thing for me is that I’d never seen a goose defend a parking lot before. Who in their right mind would stake their food supply on a filthy hot and dry piece of asphalt, good for nothing but global warming?

Parking lot goose
Parking lot goose rests on asphalt

As I approached it while taking photos, it got up and waddled away, unwillingly, knowing it couldn’t really do much to drive me away. It was so sad to see it attached to that useless piece of land when there was a pond surrounded by plentiful trees just 30 feet or so away.

Parking lot goose
Parking lot goose waddles away

In a month or so after I took the photos, I saw the same goose had managed to acquire a mate. How, I don’t know. What can you say to another goose to make the union appealing? “Come join me in ruling my asphalt domain?” Not exactly the best pickup line… Nonetheless, they were both waddling alongside each other through the parking lot, though they stuck a little closer to the pond, so I assume they nested there.

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  1. GREAT Picture. Is it OK if I use a small image of goose on driveway for our Rod and Gun Club Web site. I’ll only use for 2 weeks then remove from site.



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