Are you really backing up your WP blog?

When those of us with self-hosted WordPress blogs back up our content using the built-in WXR functionality, do we ever check the downloaded XML file? Until recently, I didn't worry about it. I'd click on the Export button, copy the WXR file to a backup folder and think my blog was safe, but I was [...]

Cannot change WP theme if Turbo mode is enabled

I've been wondering what sort of bug I've had in my WP installs for the last few weeks, and only now figured out what's going on.The Turbo mode for WP is done through Google Gears. There's a bug in the Turbo mode that will not allow you to change your blog's theme. It works by [...]

If Time Machine doesn't work…

... and you get the little exclamation sign within the Time Machine icon in the menu bar, and Time Machine will not back up your Mac any more, then here's what worked for me, twice so far: Reboot the Mac. Before doing anything else, go into the Time Machine drive, locate your Mac's folder inside [...]

Drobo overestimates used space

Here's what happens. When the Drobo is connected to a computer and the Drobo Dashboard software isn't running, the Drobo's capacity meter will overestimate the used space, potentially triggering a low space alert. When the Drobo Dashboard software is started, it does its own used space calculations and corrects the capacity meter, literally turning off [...]

One more reason why Microsoft doesn't get it

At work, I use Windows Vista Ultimate Edition. I tried to install Vista SP1 on my computer yesterday. I created a restore point, just in case something went badly, and started the install. Here's the error message that I got: Apparently, Vista SP1 cannot install on my machine, because I've got too many language packs [...]

Bugs in Lightroom 1.2

The latest version of Adobe's Lightroom, 1.2, introduced corrections for several issues such as XMP auto-write performance, Vista grid display errors, and noise reduction for Bayer-patterned sensors (the majority of digital sensors on the market user Bayer patterns in their color pixel distributions). It also introduced support for new cameras such as the Canon EOS [...]

Flickr tightens up image security

Given my concern with image theft, I do not like to hear about Flickr hacks. A while back, a Flickr hack circulated around that allowed people to view an image's full size even if the photographer didn't allow it (provided the image was uploaded at high resolution.) The hack was based on Flickr's standard URL [...]

If you can’t connect to SQL Server on port 1433

Just had two fun days of troubleshooting this by working together with Adobe/Macromedia support, and found the solution. Here's the original issue: could not set up a new data source connecting locally (localhost, to SQL Server 2000 Standard running on the web server; kept getting a SQL Exception error. Was told SQL just wasn't [...]