Bugs in Lightroom 1.2

The latest version of Adobe's Lightroom, 1.2, introduced corrections for several issues such as XMP auto-write performance, Vista grid display errors, and noise reduction for Bayer-patterned sensors (the majority of digital sensors on the market user Bayer patterns in their color pixel distributions). It also introduced support for new cameras such as the Canon EOS … Continue reading Bugs in Lightroom 1.2

Automatic redirect from HTTP to HTTPS

IIS (Internet Information Server) doesn't have a way to automatically redirect HTTP traffic to HTTPS if SSL encryption is enabled for a site. So if you've got a site that users are supposed to access by typing in https://www.example.com, but they type in http://www.example.com or http://www.example.com or just example.com, they're going to get a pretty … Continue reading Automatic redirect from HTTP to HTTPS

If you can’t connect to SQL Server on port 1433

Just had two fun days of troubleshooting this by working together with Adobe/Macromedia support, and found the solution. Here's the original issue: could not set up a new data source connecting locally (localhost, to SQL Server 2000 Standard running on the web server; kept getting a SQL Exception error. Was told SQL just wasn't … Continue reading If you can’t connect to SQL Server on port 1433