What Microsoft Can Learn From Mac OS X Lion

This article makes a point which has been on the mind of Windows and Mac users for quite some time: namely, that Microsoft ought to stop selling so many versions of its OS. It's confusing, it's expensive, and from my point of view, underhanded. What Microsoft Can Learn From Mac OS X Lion They should [...]

One more reason why Microsoft doesn't get it

At work, I use Windows Vista Ultimate Edition. I tried to install Vista SP1 on my computer yesterday. I created a restore point, just in case something went badly, and started the install. Here's the error message that I got: Apparently, Vista SP1 cannot install on my machine, because I've got too many language packs [...]

Three interesting downloads from Microsoft

Microsoft's out to kick butt lately, and with these three downloads, it's taking on three companies at once: Apple, Adobe and Intuit. Try them out, and judge how well Microsoftie's doing in the fights: Windows Media Player 11: organized pretty much like iTunes, but with a leaner installer -- iTunes weighs in at over 35 [...]

Boot Camp 1.1 Beta just released by Apple

I complained in a previous post about how I wanted to buy a Mac laptop that I'd use for both work on pleasure, but couldn't, because I was shackled to Windows OS for most of my development work, and there were certain things that just didn't work on the Mac, with either Boot Camp or [...]

New Skype for Windows 2.5

Skype has just released version 2.5 for Windows 2000 and XP. This new version includes the following cool features (on top of existing ones): Send SMS messages directly from Skype to contacts' cellphones. View and call your Outlook contacts directly from Skype. This is really cool! Auto updates: Skype will automatically update itself - no [...]

Do you like Remote Desktop Connection?

If you use the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection tool to connect to other Windows computers, you'll appreciate their Remote Desktop Client for the Mac. That's right, with this tool you'll be able to connect to and manage Windows computers from your Mac! I've used it, and it works great! Did you also know you can [...]