Frustrated with European shopping carts

My wife recorded a video clip of me venting my frustration with European shopping carts back in February. Sorry for the rough words in the video, but I tell you, every time I go shopping and have to deal with those idiotic things, I want to get the guy that invented them, pin him to [...]

A few words on the economic crisis at hand

I've just got to say what I'm about to say, because it's gnawing at me from inside, and I need to have it out. I'm not going to pretend I'm some economic guru, and I'll use plain words. My thinking on economics is simple. I understand tangible products. If an economy makes stuff I can [...]

The packages return… again

I can't make this stuff up, seriously. I had another shipment of boxes returned to me by FedEx. I was using pre-printed labels sent to me by Data Robotics themselves. I sent back two Drobos to them a week ago, and the same boxes are now sitting back in my home. One was a replacement [...]

How houses get built in the DC area

I thought that when I lived in Florida, the construction there was shoddy. I was wrong. At least there they used concrete pillars and floors for the houses, and the building code was so strict everything was anchored properly, especially after Hurricane Andrew. When I moved to the DC area, I thought construction would be [...]

Fat clothes for fat people

This post is a bit of a rant, but it's something that's bothered me for some time. Now that I'm married, I've found that Ligia has the same problem as me. We have a really hard time finding clothes that can fit us. It seems that clothing manufacturers out there have geared all of their [...]

Talk about screwing up

I get digest emails from the Economist every Thursday, on politics and business. Two things caught my eye in today's edition. Chrysler appointed Robert Nardelli as its CEO. This is the same guy that left Home Depot after employee and investor dissatisfaction with his management and personal style, with a severance package worth about $210 [...]

Condensed knowledge for 2007-05-14

Today's calorie-free serving: Clive Thompson from the NYT has a detailed write-up of what's involved if small bands want to get their name out there these days. The almost-requisite MySpace page is a given... But while the web makes it easy for them to get their names out there, keeping up with the fans becomes [...]

Funny video round-up

One of the worst burglars in the world: The pitfalls of online dating: A sheep unclear on the concept of a swing: A politician doing what he does best (making an ass of himself): Want a Fanta? Steve Ballmer, preaching about the virtues of... um, developers: Just in case [...]

Turn your doberman into a poodle

Hey, are you sick of tired of dirty looks from your neighbors, just because you have a doberman? Then you need the Poodle Disguise Kit for Dobermans! I kid you not. This site called attackchi put it together. It's tongue-in-cheek, I'm sure, but it's also in protest at what they say is the unjustified treatment [...]