Let's recap where we are economically

A video compilation of various Peter Schiff TV appearances (2002-2009) is available on YouTube. The quality isn't that great, but the message is pure gold. He's been saying since 2002 that the US economy would collapse, and he gave solid reasons why it would collapse every time. His messages got more pointed with each appearance, [...]

A few words on the economic crisis at hand

I've just got to say what I'm about to say, because it's gnawing at me from inside, and I need to have it out. I'm not going to pretend I'm some economic guru, and I'll use plain words. My thinking on economics is simple. I understand tangible products. If an economy makes stuff I can [...]

Scary stuff is happening in China

As I look at these truly scary images of pollution in China, I realize how big a problem pollution really is over there. For most of us, China's this big country over there in Asia, sort of communist but not really, with plenty of human rights abuses under its belt, but still more decent than [...]

New Orleans is sinking, fast

New studies that used satellite radar data from the three years before Katrina struck show that New Orleans is sinking by more than 1 inch per year. Some areas, particularly those developed on reclaimed marshlands, are sinking 4 to 5 times faster than the rest of the city. This phenomenon is called subsidence and is [...]

I-95 is to be closed for days in Florida

A wildfire which has been burning since April 21 has now managed to close down I-95 for several days down in Florida, in the Daytona Beach area, from Port Orange to Edgewater. According to the FL Division of Forestry, 84 fires were still burning throughout the state on more than 36,800 acres. The fires are [...]

The Great Depression: past or future?

In reading the description of the Great Depression posted on the Encarta website, a great number of similarities strike me. As far as I'm concerned, we're in the same boat. We've bought an enormous amount of things on credit, most Americans are in debt because of the prevailing idea of "consumerism", of disposable goods that [...]