Meet Rita and say goodbye to Fritz

First, the bad news. It turned out that Fritz was indeed from Brazil. Only it wasn't Brazil, the country, but the mythical place from the movie Brazil, where things are all screwed up. Only a bunny from "Brazil" could survive a trip in a hot car engine on a disgustingly hot day and die from [...]

The little deaf tomcat

Updated 10/22/10: You can see better photos of Felix here. In the summer of 2006, we visited family in Romania, and we met this wonderful white tomcat at my mother-in-law's place in Tulcea, Romania. He was still a kitten, a growing boy, scruffy, dirty, and completely adorable. He was also deaf as a post, the [...]

A mummified rat

In the process of replacing our roof tiles, I found a mummified rat. It's stiff, fairly well preserved, and it's the second one I found (I threw away the first one out of disgust). It's probably the combination of the warm and dry air in the attic that kept it like this. I don't know [...]

Three psychics exposed as frauds

I've always thought and said psychics were fake, along with ghost stories. Sure, it makes life (and books) more interesting if a ghost pops up here and there, but unfortunately, when people die, they're dead as doornails. They're gone. Out for good. Goodbye. That's why life is so precious. Every day must be spent carefully [...]

Happy Birthday Tataie

It's my grandfather's birthday today. He died just a couple of weeks ago after a painful struggle with mesothelioma, a form of cancer caused by asbestos exposure. He'd been coughing for a few years. It was a persistent cough, but it wasn't a severe cough. He coughed here and there, and especially after he came [...]

Photos from Antietam Battlefield

Last weekend, on a fiercely hot Sunday, my wife and I visited the Antietam Battlefield, located near Sharpsburg, MD. It's quite easy to get to it from DC. You take 270-N to 70-W, then keep going on 70-W until you see the signs for Antietam. Once off the highway, you've got another 8 miles or [...]

Accident on I-495

Ligia and I were taking a leisurely walk on Beach Drive last night (Friday), when we were confronted with the overpowering smell of spilled fuel. On our way there, we'd seen a fire engine, but we didn't think twice about it. This time, I thought I'd inquire, camera in hand. After walking through 100 yards [...]

The Croc Hunter dies

Steve Irwin, the offbeat Australian [insert own characterization here] died, of a stingray barb through the heart, as he was filming a documentary today. He was apparently swimming on top of the stingray, when it swung its tail up, piercing his chest with the barb. Although crew members tried to save him, there was nothing [...]