Sasha sleeps under my desk

When she was a kitten, Sasha would come in after a full day of playing outside and fall asleep at my feet, right on (or curled around) the power bricks for my computer equipment. She was and still is so adorable. Enjoy this short video clip of her during one of her frequent visits to [...]

Zumi suckles from Tessa

We were overjoyed to see this going on in the yard today. That little furball suckling from our dog is Zumi Zoom-Zoom, our newly adopted kitten. The dog is of course Tessa, our ciobanesc mioritic breed, sporting her summer look. She normally looks like this. With summer temperatures rising into the mid and upper 30s [...]

Bubu and Tira Playfight

Each day, as we work, one of our cats decides it's time for a little playfight with one of the others (or with my pants or shoelaces). This video presents Bubu and Tira, our lovely adopted siblings, playfighting. This time Tira initiated the activities -- it's usually Bubu who does it. Tira is the grey [...]

Adorable Animals

Announcing a new YouTube playlist containing my animal videos, called Adorable Animals. Those of you who like animals will love it! Here are just a few of the videos you'll see there: Enjoy!

The kittens at play

❗ Free kitten alert! ❗ We're getting ready to say goodbye to our kittens. We're going to give them away for adoption in the next week or two. If you're in Romania and you'd like one, let us know. Otherwise, we'll take them to a pet store in Sibiu or Tg. Mures, where eager children [...]

Our newborn kittens

Our two cats, Trixie and Mitzi, gave birth to three kittens each -- Trixie on May 16th, and Mitzi on May 20th. They each gave birth to two tomcats and one kitten, all of them adorable. They've been growing nicely and are starting to cause mischief, as six kittens put together will usually do. I [...]

Mitzi and Trixie at play

I don't think there's anything more adorable than kittens at play, so I couldn't resist posting more photos of Mitzi and Trixie today. I found a whole series I took when they were playing one day. And as promised, there are more photos of Trixie in this post. Since this is a series of photos, it's [...]

Mitzi and Trixie explore the yard

Part of the fun of having kittens is seeing them explore the yard when they finally get the nerve to venture out there. Everything is so brand new to them -- every texture, scent, breeze, shape, color, insect, flower, tree, etc. They walk out, slowly, tentatively, sniffing everything, tasting the air, then they get more [...]