I know the title of this post sounds like a silly band name, but this is actually about our cat Tiki and a bunch of Garrulous Jays. These birds just love to tease our cats by parroting their meows and getting them to climb onto high branches in our trees, only to fly into the next tree and to start over, hoping to fool them twice. They also whistle and imitate other species of birds.

This particular morning, about 7-8 jays descended onto one of our paulownia trees and began to chirp in a way we hadn’t heard before. They also raised up the crests of feathers on the tops of their heads, which was also something we hadn’t seen before. Perhaps it was their mating ritual and they were trying to impress a female. Well, our curiousity was piqued, so I got my camera for a closer look. Tiki also couldn’t resist the challenge, even though he’s been fooled by them plenty of times before. Up the tree he went while the jays retreated to higher branches and kept a close eye on him while they chatted and chirped for about 10 minutes, then flew away unmolested.

Sorry Tiki, fooled again!


Tiki and the Jays


Cloudy – the cartoon

This is a super-happy cartoon about the life of clouds. It’ll perk you right up! 🙂

Created by Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III. Animation by Matías Fernández. Music by Norman Bambi.


Playing with Felix when he was just a little kitten

Here’s a video clip of Felix playing with (and scratching) my hand while on my office chair. He was just a little kitten then and he didn’t know how to guard his claws yet. My hands were perennially scratched as he grew up but we adored him just the same.

By the way, if you love my kitty posts, I’ve started a new blog called Medieval Cats, to which you’re invited to subscribe. It’s 100% about cats, featuring our cats alongside other medieval cats (or cats from medieval cities, if you prefer). We currently have four cats: Sasha, Bubu, Tira and Zuzu (three females, one male). They’re all adorable, all photogenic and they love to go on their little adventures.

Why call it Medieval Cats? Because we live in the medieval city of Medias, in Romania. What’s more, we live in a house that’s (on paper) over 200 years old, although parts of it are even older. Let’s just say we “qualify” to use the term. 🙂


Bubu and Tira Playfight

Each day, as we work, one of our cats decides it’s time for a little playfight with one of the others (or with my pants or shoelaces). This video presents Bubu and Tira, our lovely adopted siblings, playfighting. This time Tira initiated the activities — it’s usually Bubu who does it. Tira is the grey kitten and Bubu is the large brown one.

Enjoy, and I hope it relaxes you as much as it relaxes us!

Video Log

Sasha’s gorgeous, dramatic eyes

Sasha is one of our adopted cats (she’s still a kitten, not yet mature). And she’s got these gorgeous yellow eyes. She’s incredibly expressive, all the time, and unlike our other cats, she loves to look into our eyes, for long periods of time. We adopted her when she was just a tiny bundle of fur (here’s what she looked like back then).

I recorded this video as she rested one day, while Ligia played with another of our cats (I think it was Zuzu). I loved how her eyes dilated and contracted based on what she was thinking as she watched the game. I hope you’ll enjoy it as well! I edited it so it’s dramatic — after all, Sasha is always dramatic. When she’s thirsty, it’s as if there’s been a year-long drought and she’s about to die. When she’s hungry, it’s as if she hasn’t eaten in a week. She loves to play it up. That’s our Sasha.